Monday, January 21, 2013

Soho Masses - London - Wandering Gays, the New Jews of the New Reich Catholic Church

Jihad against France and Britain’s political moves to legalize secular same sex marriage has the back biters in the Reich Catholic Church going after Catholic Gays and Lesbians, the new wandering Jews of that Reich Church.

Just ran into this story about Archbishop Nichols in London putting down his fabulous patent leather shoe to forbid the so-called “Soho Masses”, the temporary gatherings twice a month of the wandering Gays organization’s present sent up at a shitty looking church from Dickens time down a dark back alley/street in Westminster on Warwicke Street.

Archbishop Nichols you may remember went out of his way and his bailiwick to praise the “Courage of the Abusers” in Ireland right after the historic Child Abuse document of the Ryan Report in 2009.

Now, rainbow colored altar linen or vestments are not in Reich Church sacred tradition and cannot not be allowed along with the gathering of wandering Gays that want an occasional feel good, you are welcome here in God’s name atmosphere in their own element at a twice a month mass. Like Jesus the Hippie never wore the occasional tie-dyed tee shirt.

The Church of the Lady of the Assumption with its dark foreboding alleyway like place/street in central London is now needed to process disaffected Anglicans wanting solidarity with the women hating, gay hating Reich Catholic Church. And of course the occasional Gay Mass would scare the rich Anglicans away from holy mudder church.

The organization “Soho Masses” is becoming a floating organization looking for Gay Friendly Churches to deliver the odd Gay orientated audience sacred service, keeping one step ahead of the Grand Inquisitors, Conservative Snitches and Nero XVI’s Pretorian guards.

I may be wrong but there is in the current news that the SOHO Masses might be moving to a Jesuit church of the Immaculate Conception on Farm Street in Mayfair. 

That I think may have been a carrot waved by Nichols and company to add to their media releases to say that there is still a place for celibate self-hating gays but only at their local hetero hate the gays local parish. Whatever.

All this hate and it becomes clear looking at politics here and in Europe and the RCC that white and male is first and foremost. Brown and non-hetero (other) is a total inconvenience in dealing with those others.

Joe Ratzinger must stay up late at nights and regret that the ovens at Auschwitz of his beloved childhood memories are no longer in working order for the new Jews of sexual non-conformity, the new enemies of the Neo-Nazi Catholic Church in Rome.

He and his jiz crony medieval junto ruling party in his personal Reich Church is truly an evil factor to be considered, watch your back always, in the present global situation.


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