Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Augustus Saint-Gaudens – Goddess, Diana of the Tower (MSG), Diana of the Staircase (PMA)

A few views of the famous Saint-Gaudens statue of Diana that was once the weathervane on the second Madison Square Garden, (right off Madison Square NYC) 1890-1925, before finding a permanent home at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

The original eighteen foot Diana by sculptor Saint-Gaudens was made of bronze and thought to be out of proportion when first put on the Second Madison Square Garden in 1891 - and too heavy to maneuver quickly in the winds.

In 1893, it went to the top of a building at the Columbia Exposition in 1893 in Chicago. 

Agriculture Building - Columbian Exposition Chicago 1893

Bottom half of statue was lost in a fire in Chicago. Top Half of statue, whereabouts unknown, and presumed lost to history.

The second Saint-Gaudens Diana as weathervane on Madison Square Garden was of gilded sheet copper and thirteen feet high.

This Diana eventually founds its home as the centerpiece of the grand staircase main hall entry way of the Philadelphia Museum of Art after demolition of the second Garden arena.


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