Monday, October 24, 2011

Screw the Poor and Jesus - St. Paul's Cathedral London

There was that politically correct PC moment when Saint Paul's Cathedral said that Occupy London or Occupy the City (Coke Dealers aka Financial Advisors) - that they let this bunch of protesters camp out on a corner of this third rate architectural monument to Christian ego. (Christopher Wren!!!!- Yawn!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

But the phone calls have come from "the city" as the coke dealers, the secular bishops,  in control of their "Wall Street" there - and it is time to evict the poor, the hippies, the pseudo-Jesus types claiming, talking for the poor and the homeless morons and it time to clean the street and get back to normal business. (don't forget the whores and the Cuban cigars! - a necessary deductible business expense)

The queers in charge of St. Paul's have scurried to comply to their money masters and evict the radicals, the homeless, the Jesus want to be-s.  Whatever.

It is time to tear down Saint Paul's stone by stone, a monument to Christian greed, terror and out of control ego.  While I do not know is if the taste for children is as strong in the Anglican faith as it is in the church of Rome. (irrelevant-overruled)...................................

It is time for the people to turn Saint Paul's into something useful, like a car park as they call it there and or a parking lot as we call it here.

Jesus, the real Jewish Jesus, would approve.


And throw Nelson's bones into the street too, out of his borrowed from Henry VIII coffin while you are at it - etc.

Have a nice day and or a nice British revolution.


Tear this Cathedral Down!!!!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Dysfunctionality of the Pro-Life Idiom – Jesus would cheer Gaddafi’s death

Gaddafi got better than he deserved, better than he gave Flight 103 and Lockerbie.  If anything, I am disappointed that Libya doesn’t have the infrastructure, the slaughter houses and the meat hooks, to have given Mommar the “Full Benito” that Mussolini got in his just demise.

Is celebrating the death of a monster against life, common morality and or the cliche quasi-political, quasi-religious term Pro-Life?

I do not know what pro-life means anymore. It has become a Madison Avenue Roger Ailes jingoism to sell soap or church agenda.

From a once distant now moral view, the term Pro-Life as a hard sell came in the sixties when all birth control became the automatic equal of abortion – a flawed equation.  Have known a couple of women and a guy over the years who were involved in the abortion thing, some for medical reasons, some for personal.  They all had regrets.  Perhaps that is as it should be. The possibilities of life are a theoretical wonder to behold.  The average person does what is right  for themselves and does not need a theologian to render opinion anymore.

My last official religious affiliation was Lutheran.  When they murdered Doctor Tiller in a church says it all to me about the hole in the donut of the morality of abortionist hunters. A half a dozen protectors, enablers of Tiller’s murderer did not get indicted with him.  They are somehow funded by the new Gray Water moral area of funding from political and or quasi-political cash funding.  Tax free and on the government’s indirect dime.  

Pro-Life was used as a religious mask to carry out a political agenda - a political murder, an organized hit paid for by the growing very profitable Pro-Life crime racket, to strike fear in the heartland to any woman who wanted or needed a serious medical procedure done for whatever reason. 

The greed that turns all aspects of life into a commodity, even education, is in fact the reason why there is no real morality left in our society on many levels.  When people become commodities, their value is decided in the market place and not in any ancient book or even in their true hearts.

Me, we, us the society has become totally dysfunctional on some level and always I think related to the gelt factor.  The old fashioned American town square has disappeared and its virtual equivalent does not match the challenge or satisfy us.  That is what Occupy Wall Street is all about but they haven’t yet put it into words or understanding. They may never get there.

The point is and I repeat it – I don’t know what pro-life means.  I am being honest.

If Jesus was worth his salt and I think he was, I can fully imagine him cheering and dancing in the streets if a scumbag like Governor Pilate got his just desserts at the hands of a crowd like Colonel Gaddafi.

And then on second thought, maybe Jesus would not dance.
Sometimes.  To be fully human is to be fully divine.  It’s in the program I think from the Creator. 


Blown Away - Jeff Lynne

Friday, October 21, 2011

Peace - Hope for New Beginnings

FDNY survivor and a 911 volunteer are married in New York City, August 16, 2002

Catholicism - worth saving by Good Catholics?

(This is the church, this is the steeple, these are the people - of God)

If you have seen some of my other blogs, I have lent my good name as a Cultural Christian (for whatever that's worth) to the "Bishop Finn Must Go" Facebook page and its campaign to remove that pedophile protecting bishop from office in Kansas City Missouri.

Truth is that the precedent of resignation following indictment of Bishops would encourage prosecutors across this country and the planet to more actively indict these pedophile crime king pins.  

That is harsh judgemental language but somebody has to be an adult in the room.  Bishops who go into seminary at age 12 or 13 do not have normal social skills.  They can dress up in clerical garb and get promotions for being obedient servants to their superiors but there is a streak of much needed humanity missing in the very fiber of their beings.  

And this social blind spot seems to be directed more so towards women and children than men. 

This blind spot in the clergy can throw money at problems and hide behind their dysfunctional administrations but the public has started to wise up.  

Also, for a lot of good clergy, perhaps 80-85 percent of the ministers of that faith, this is a great burden to bear, the dysfunction of the hierarchy who rule in favor of power, prestige and wealth over the value of people.  People.  

People are 99% of Jesus' Message.  

It is not about the other 1%, the clergy or the buildings or the whatever. 

Pedophilia is a sin.  It is not a crime in the eyes of the present hierarchy of the RC church locally and worldwide.  If you look at the fine print and most Catholics do not - they are born for the most part into that religion - the fine print is that the RC church believes in the dignity of man but not in the dignified creature exercising his or her free will in a nasty ungodly institution called Democracy.

What Canon Law says about pedophilia, or clergy involvement in it, counts and matters more than mere flawed man made democratically based American law. 

Democracies come and go and the monarchy of the Papacy will last forever.  Whatever. When I was a child, the pope was a holy card, never seen outside Rome, and definitely not trying to be a media rock star.  

It is time for scholars wearing the virtual triple tiara to go back in time and lock themselves back up in the Vatican where they can do as little harm as possible to the church, the people of God. 

Getting back to the Good Catholics in Kansas City - St. Joe, who do not want to expose their children anymore to reckless endangerment of children by Opus Dei bishops like Robert Finn, go for it. 

Do the lawsuits. Storm the Bastille. Occupy Vatican City.

I wish the good Catholics of the Kansas City-St. Joseph diocese luck and other good Catholics everywhere, the Laity, in taking their parishes and dioceses back from the pedophiles and or pedophile protector-enablers, a majority of the hierarchy I fear, who now run their church.

God bless.  Have courage.  Be strong. 

The children you save may be your own. 

Your quest is about the future.  It is all about the children.


Marco Rubio - self hating immigrant?

The story breaking in the press is that Senator Rubio, who was until today going to be the VP on the GOP presidential ticket no matter who going to be the top on that ticket, that Marco had played  fast and furious with the truth.

He, in his election propaganda, said that his parent were Cuban "exiles", presumably from Castro. But this is what I love, the timeline. His parents were merely immigrants from Cuba a full two years or more before Castro came to power.

And of course, Senator Rubio, is a big right wing hawk favoring the strictest of laws by states like Arizona to screw immigrants, illegal of course. No compassion from one Hispanic to another? NO.  Nothing personal.  Strictly business.  FYIGM

Which leaves you wondering why Marco Rubio is in denial about the immigrant label on his parents and he as the son of immigrants.  Makes him sound like some self-hating immigrant or to be technical, a self-hating son of immigrants.


Hanging on the Street Corner - Philly - 1917

(click on image to enlarge)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

E L O - Don't Walk Away

Duties of a Bishop - Bishop Robert Finn

DUTIES OF A BISHOP ( 1 Timothy 3:1-5 ) KJV

 1-This is a true saying, if a man desire the office of a bishop, he desireth a good work.

 2-A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach;

 3-Not given to wine, no striker, not greedy of filthy lucre; but patient, not a brawler, not covetous;

 4-One that ruleth well his own house, having his children in subjection with all gravity;

 5-(For if a man know not how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of the church of God?)

Sophia Petrillo - Definition - Gay vs. Queer

OWS - Cello Music

Bishop Finn Must Go - Facebook

The good Catholic people of Kansas City - St. Joseph Missouri are trying to protect their children from predators and from the incompetence and insensitivity of their bishop towards children by his reckless actions.
Please show your support.  It is all about the Children.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weathervane - Windowpane - Rain

Andre Kertesz 1894 - 1985

"Fishtown" - Sunset

Semper Fi - Marine vs. NYPD - Occupy Times Square

Anonymous - Wm. Shakespeare - Earl of Oxford

I love revisionist history.  It sometimes makes more sense than the words, the bullshit, set down on paper for centuries, not unlike the gospels.

I also love the Tudors.  All human, western, history to the present day seems to turn on this turbulent, fascinating period in English history. 

Susan Sarandon – Catholic League Scapegoat for Bishop Finn Cover Up

Us “Screaming Bill” fans had been waiting all weekend for Bill Donohue over at the Catholic League to concoct new standards for child pornography in his defense of all things Catholic, namely Bishop Finn on his child abuse indictment - we were sorely disappointed.
I for one was waiting for Bill Donahue to say something like - that six year old girl is a slut and forced Father Ratigan in the Kansas City Missouri diocese to take naked and partially naked pictures of her while sleeping. 
Better yet I was waiting for the Catholic League to say that Lewis Carroll, the author of Alive in Wonderland, took nude and semi-nude pictures of little girls way back in that wholesome Victorian era.  Carroll’s photos were considered art and not pedophila.  How could we not give less consideration to Father Ratigan and his budding artistic muse?  
After all, Bishop Finn and his cronies at the chancellery took six months to a year considering allegations against him.
But oh no!  No defense of Bishop Finn Bill!
Just a jump on the bones of a female actress’s sarcastic remark about that darling little Nazi devil in the Vatican.  Surely they were words, terms of endearment.
It takes intelligence Bill to understand and appreciate sarcasm.
Lighten up Bill.  Get a sense of humor.


Researching the timeline of the Vatican Catholic League cover up of Bishop Finn’s crime / protection of Father Ratigan, I ran across this helpful article on the Catholic League web site defending the undeveloped social skills of boys aged 12 who enter junior seminaries and who are supposed to function as full human beings as bishops later on in life. Yeah right. 

“…Recently Phyllis Zagano, a contributor to the National Catholic Reporter, wrote an unfair article attacking Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph. She compared the situations of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rep. Anthony Weiner and Dominique Strauss-Kahn with Finn’s failure to move quickly against a problem priest….”

Here it the referred to Phyllis Zagano article:

Thanks for the heads up Bill! 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hampton Hawes - What's New

Hampton Hawes -1952 - Piano East Piano West

CHILDREN Lose Again! - Up Against Typical American Catholic Bishops

The Bishops win again.  They protect their pervert priests and in the end will only get a slap on the wrist from the law – It is only a misdemeanor to protect a pervert in Missouri, the show me state. 

Better get the GOP on the phone and have the state legislature get rid of that annoying government regulation.

Why didn’t Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas City-St. Joseph Missouri diocese hand over child pornography to the police?

Why is that they have to have back stair discussions with the police to discuss the fine lines between art photos and kiddie porn?  Isn’t the difference obvious??????

Huh?  Well look at it. Time and time again, the church business comes up against the welfare of a child and challenging the prestige of the CHURCH.  And time and time again CHILDREN lose.

What humanity do they brainwash these catholic priests out of in their foreign based cult seminaries?  Or is it that women and children do not automatically count?  It has got to be something more than being brain dead, dicks or just plain mother f***ers.  It must have to do with money. Right?

The Catholic Church of my youth this is not. What happened to the Catholic Church in America?

Vatican II in America got erased by a bunch of crime bosses these past few decades – bishops, archbishops, cardinals – who didn’t want to share power or the accounting books with the Laity.  That’s what it looks to me like.

And the Church, while it always had a theoretical distant center in Rome, used to be American.

More and more, the Roman Catholic Church in America smells like it being run by some foreign drug/crime cartel.  Not a Japanese Car Manufacturer management style.  But a cold blooded, cash profit only, crime syndicate that does not care if your children are collateral damage in the pursuit of it primary business of profit.
More like living in a Chinese Factory sweat/slave shop the way I see all Catholics being treated these days by its privileged crime bosses/bishops.

Yeah we care.  Yeah right.

Indicting one of Philly crime boss “Big Frank” Rigali’s hand picked stooges on misdemeanor charges for not reporting a pervert is a start.  It also at this point in time is a JOKE.  

Finn will get a promotion to the Vatican and hide in Rome under diplomatic immunity like that other thug Cardinal Law of Boston.  He escaped American criminal justice.  Church First.  Humanity Last.

When are the R.I.C.O. indictments of this foreign based crime cartel going to rid us of these criminal minds in our houses of worship???


Jesus wept.  Jesus weeps. 

Friday, October 14, 2011

Bishop Finn Indicted – KC, Mo

Here we go again.  Same old shit again.

USCCB Chairman of the Bishop's Task Force on the Life and Dignity of the Human Person has been indicted protecting an accused priest in his diocese.  

Hey, what's the big deal? It is only a misdemeanor.

"The indictment is the first ever of a Catholic bishop in the 25 years since the scandal over sexual abuse by priests first became public in the United States.
Bishop Finn is accused of covering up abuse that occurred as recently as last year – almost 10 years since the nation’s Catholic bishops passed a charter pledging to report suspected abusers to law enforcement authorities.
The bishop has acknowledged that he knew of the existence of the photos last December but did not turn them over to the police until May.
The indictment was announced yesterday by the Jackson County prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker. It had been under seal since October 6th because the bishop was out of the country. He returned on Thursday.
“This is about protecting children,” Ms Baker said…."

"KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Kansas City's Catholic bishop has become the highest-ranking U.S. Catholic official indicted on a charge of failing to protect children after he and his diocese waited five months to tell police about hundreds of images of child pornography discovered on a priest's computer, officials said Friday.

Bishop Robert Finn, the first U.S. bishop criminally charged with sheltering an abusive clergyman, and the Kansas City-St. Joseph Catholic Diocese have pleaded not guilty on one count each of failing to report suspected child abuse.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said Finn and the diocese were required under state law to report the discovery to police because the images gave them reason to believe a child had been abused.

"Now that the grand jury investigation has resulted in this indictment, my office will pursue this case vigorously," Baker said. "I want to ensure there are no future failures to report resulting in other unsuspecting victims."

The indictment, handed down Oct. 6 but sealed because Finn was out of the country, says the bishop failed to report suspicions against the priest from Dec. 16, 2010, when the photos were discovered, to May 11, 2011, when the diocese turned them over to police…."

From Wikipedia:

"…Then-Father Finn was named by Blessed Pope John Paul II a Chaplain to His Holiness in August 2003, upon the recommendation of the then-Archbishop of St. Louis, Justin Francis Rigali, later the Cardinal Archbishop of Philadelphia, who had named him to the posts he was then exercising (the honor was bestowed while he was still serving as CFP Director and editor of the St. Louis Review; Father Finn received the title of Reverend Monsignor).

Having applied for membership in Opus Dei in January 2004, Monsignor Finn was named two months later as coadjutor bishop (with right of succession) of the diocese of Kansas City-Saint Joseph. 

Father Finn was consecrated to the episcopate on May 3, 2004, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City. He is also a member of the Knights of Columbus. On May 24, 2005 the Vatican accepted Bishop Boland's request for retirement. As Coadjutor, Bishop Finn automatically succeeded him as sixth bishop of the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph.

Bishop Finn became a member of Priestly Society of the Holy Cross in April 2005, which is linked to the Catholic personal prelature Opus Dei. In an interview with the Catholic Key, Msgr. Finn told of how Opus Dei had helped open his heart to the work of the Holy Spirit. Finn is not technically a member of the Opus Dei prelature, as he is a diocesan priest, but he is able to receive spiritual formation from the prelature in a similar way as its members do.

…Bishop Finn currently serves on the Administrative and the Priorities and Plans Committees for the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. He is Chairman of the Bishop's Task Force on the Life and Dignity of the Human Person.

The Board of Directors of the Institute on Religious Life (IRL) at their September annual meeting elected the Most Rev. Robert W. Finn, Bishop of Kansas City–St. Joseph as the organization’s new president. …"

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Listeria - Hate Disease ?

It don’t take rocket science to figure out that all these anti-immigrant laws across the south have depleted the migrant farmer population. 

It don’t take rocket science to figure out that if you don’t pick cantaloupe, it sits on the ground and rots.  That rot and mold cause this new hate diseased product brought to you by the rotting minds and philosophies of Tea Party Zombies.

Love your neighbor – get good wholesome clean fruit.

Hate your neighbor – eat sh*t and or diseased cantaloupe.

“No good tree bears bad fruit, nor does a bad tree bear good fruit.”  Luke 6:43

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Painted Tin Ceiling of the Sky

The jukebox plays Frank,
and the old bar and grill sags
beneath dust and grimy walls,
lead paint peeling off from above.
(Memories sweet and sad
linger of the essence of you.)
Momentary reflection
is a mistake. For what
happened happened
both good and good
and with the bad.
(we never could quite
reconnect again - but we did try)
I miss the old days sometimes.
This old place will be a
coffee haven soon - what romance
can be sparked over latte and
a smoke free environment?
Youth it was so simple
and flawed.
(And they won't play Frank anymore.
Buy the CD - with your takeout grande.)
A mind wanders back
and wonders -
what I woulda, coulda,
shoulda done.
Life's journey
can be fickle.
Why test the fates?
Now - so late.
You are what you are
and where you should be.
Any other path leads
onto, into, assumptions
and imagined destinies.
The good road; the bad road?
Soft ego strokes.
Hard Ego Hits.
Soft karma (?)
a shuffle of the cards.
Hard fate - served
on plain white plates.
A mind wanders back
and wonders?
Why some judgement calls
did not hit the mark?
(Memories sweet and sad
linger of the essence of you.)
And saying I'm sorry
now to another long gone
or to one's self
seems far too lazy
and too late - too late.
In retrospect.
We had or seemed
to have so little control.
Best to blame the gods.
Only two things true
about life -
death and taxes.
(worth repeating -
death and taxes.)
Everything else, like love,
is or has been merely
coincidence perhaps.
And what is coincidence?
(like our meeting)
I told you once. Did you listen?
Coincidence is
nothing more than
excess energy - bouncing off
the painted tin ceiling
of the sky.

Article Source:  e-book, Painted Tin Ceiling of the Sky

The Real Housewives of Vatican County – USCCB

Archbishop Dolan’s New Committee of Religious Safety is starting to take shape.

Catholic Bishops Target Obama on Religious Freedom in the US

“…US Catholic bishops recently formed an ad hoc committee specifically aimed at addressing religious freedom in the U.S. The decision to challenge the president this way is a historic one, as this is the first time bishops in America have formed such a widespread group to address religious freedom in the country.

Among the religious liberty issues the group is unhappy with the Obama administration include: county clerks facing legal action for refusing to participate in same-sex unions; the administration's attack on the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA); and the attack on the “ministerial exception,” which protects the right of religious institutions to choose their own spiritual leaders and teachers regardless of anti-discrimination laws.

He writes: “We are now committed regarding the urgent need we face to safeguard religious liberty inherent in the dignity of the human person.”

“I wrote to President Obama to object to the continuing threats to religious liberty in the context of the effort to redefine legal marriage promoted by his Administration. 

…If we do not act now, the consequences will be grave.”…

Bishop William Lori, who was selected to chair the new committee, says the bishops are serious about the new campaign and will seek the help of lawyers, added staff, lobbyist and experts in the area of religious freedom. …” 

The Archbishop of NYC in his role with the USCCB is determined along with his rich fat cronies to protect the rights of the Religious running the scam to continue to do so in an unheeded and entitled form forever.  A new instant Sacred Tradition, American style?

We need new laws to protect the sacredness of religion. Yeah, right.

In other words, in an ideal future, if you accuse bishops of protecting pedophiles, and it is printed in the New York Times, the NYT can be shut down or penalized to the point where nobody will talk about Church subjects in the press anymore ever again.  Great deal.

It would appear to me or my Cultural Christian sense of the decent that this Bill Donahoe PR style campaign to suppress all negative news about religion in America is not unlike the Blasphemy Laws that the Muslims keep trying to get the United Nations to adopt to suppress all criticism of Islam worldwide.

While Americans object to Muslim Sharia Law being brought to this country from a foreign source, they have little idea about how catholic or Christian Sharia from overseas is constantly being pushed incrementally in this country through the GOP/FOX NEWS culture wars agenda to make the secular state and human rights and democracy obsolete for the sake a few entitled church monarchists and GOP oligarchs.

“Modo Verum” (only truth) Laws – the new catholic sharia law coming our way in the next decade of the ongoing culture wars to reduce America to a pale version of the ideal catholic state – Franco’s Spain. (bow your head)

And brought to you by the Real Housewives of the Vatican, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  If ever there was a more useless bunch of hypocrites on the planet, it is they.

What!?  If Christ is the groom and the Church is the bride, surely the bishops are the housewives of God.  And then there is the unimportant etcetera, the children, the rest of us???

Timothy Dolan has passed the bottle torch onto the infamous Bishop/Inquisitor Bill Lori of Bridgeport Connecticut to head this Religious Safety Committee to protect and force respect for sacred truth.  If anybody can whip the media into shape to bow down and worship the pope, it is he.

He and his four man committee came up with the PR gem “Zero Tolerance” to clergy abuse policy embraced by Big Daddy - Joe the Pope.  It has been a PR success.  Clergy abuse has ended.  Right?

Anyway, Bill Lori gets his Robespierre like reputation from dealing with some flaming liberal Catholics down in Washington DC on his way to his kiss ass promotion in Connecticut. His infamous three day Inquisition with a tape recorder running in 1997 is well documented.


“…Last night, William Lori, auxiliary bishop of the archdiocese of Washington, Bernard Gerhardt, chancellor of the archdiocese, and another diocesan priest conducted the first of a series of interviews with committee chairpersons and parish staff. They are investigating alleged "liturgical abuses" at the parish. The "visitation" was supposedly occasioned by an incident that occurred during the Octave of Christian Unity when an Episcopal priest and a Presbyterian (I think) [editor's note: actually, she was a Lutheran] minister, both women, preached at a liturgy at Trinity and were later invited (it isn't clear by whom) to distribute communion.

With this opening, the archdiocese has begun a comprehensive review of the parish's liturgical practices and has forbidden the use of the Canadian bishops' lectionary and other inclusive language text, and the practice of allowing lay people to preach at non-Eucharistic liturgies such as vespers and reconciliation ceremonies. (A practice I believe is explicitly okay by canon law.)

She requested that the pastor of the parish, Father Larry Madden, be allowed to attend the interview with her. This request was denied. She requested that, since the archdiocese was tape-recording the interview, she be allowed to have a tape recorder in the room as well. This request was denied. When the proceedings began, she was required to take an oath.
I think all of this is a lengthy pretext for firing a few Trinity staff people whom conservatives in the archdiocese have been gunning for some time…

…As you know, the battle at Holy Trinity described on my web site has heated up with Bishop Lori's three days stay there last week heading a "canonical visitation" team gathering evidence of God knows what all. The liberals are in an uproar, seeing the Inquisition lurking everywhere. The HT web site has a discussion group that is most interesting (but, of course, for I have several postings on it).

I, along with about 30 others, was summoned to be interrogated by the Bishop, the Chancellor of the Archdiocese, and by a young priest (there just so they'd have their needed third witness should any grounds (euphemism for dirt) sufficient for excommunication spill out). I am furious with their process…”

Timmy, good luck with your new Real Housewives’ committee on PR improvement, changing the subject on the sex abuse stuff etc.? (wink, nod)

How is your BFF Jameson doing these days?

St. Joseph’s Church Bethlehem Pa. – Parking Lot – 1905 Law

(The future St. Joseph's Bethlehem Pa.?)

As predicted, St. Joseph’s Church in Bethlehem Pennsylvania's journey into a parking lot to be used by Lehigh University students is on a slow but steady path to becoming reality.

I get a bit of a silly out of watching my cousin’s gerrymandered diocese being carved up into quarterly spreadsheet dividends and bonuses for the guys in charge up there in Allentown.

Speaking of which, I can remember when I predicted that the new temporary bishop John Barres was only there to bring his specialized child abuse settlement MBA into play in Pennsy after being the heavy hitter in wiping up the Delaware sex abuse mess.

I called John Barres temporary, I never thought he was also going to be a part-time bishop as well of Bishop McShea’s consolation prize, the Allentown diocese, a gift from his cronies in the Vatican back in ‘61 for favors rendered.

I say part-time in that I have read that retired Bishop Cullen is still performing confirmations up there?   Bishop Cullen is chained to his dining room table reviewing every line of his secret clergy sex abuse files from his role as caretaker of such files when he was Cardinal Bevilacqua’s pointman on that when he worked in Philly, in the same job they have indicted Monsignor William Lynn doing after Cullen’s promotion to Bishop of Allentown?

Bishop John MBA Barres is too busy to do confirmations?  Too busy with the flowcharts,  pay out settlement possibilities and overall economic health of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, as an unofficial clergy abuse settlement consultant to Philly, preparing paperwork, in lieu of these attacks on “Religious Liberty” by the sheer audacity of civil courts indicting “innocent” priests and their keeper, handler, enabler – the innocent until proven guilty Monsignor Lynn???


It takes money to build spreadsheets and pay lawyers for depositions and Bishop Cullen’s timely review and refiling of his Philly files? – I guess if you can’t tear down St. Joseph’s in Bethlehem, I guess you can sell part of the property.  Rectory and unattached parking lot for sale $220,000.

The handful of parishioners at St. Joseph’s  have got some sort of ruling from some cubbyhole in the Vatican that they are entitled to worship in a sacred place.  The Church is sacred.  The rectory and auxiliary parking lot are not.  Splitting hairs and definitely not the spirit of the matter.

I have never been to St. Joseph’s but I am willing to bet that it has a chapel.  No doubt when the spreadsheet guys need more cash, the sacred space at St. Joseph’s will likely be reduced to the chapel.  It is probably possible to tear the old church down and leave the Chapel in place in the middle of the new LU parking lot?
One has to wonder if public access to the chapel will be provided or that parishioners in order to gain access to their sacred place of worship will have to pay a parking fee and park near the chapel etc.

Whatever again.

I see that there is a laity based concept floating around the liberal Catholic think-osphere.  I believe the concept is based on the French "1905 Law" that separates church from state.

That some catholics and legislators in Connecticut, in reaction to the abusive draconian treatment, and attitude of the Bishop/Inquisitor of Bridgeport, is pushing for state law and I would imagine state chartering of businesses to separate the clergy from the money end of the operation of the catholic church/businesses in Connecticut.

"...Bishop Lori has opposed legislation by Rep. Michael P. Lawlor and Sen. Andrew McDonald that would remove control of the diocese from the bishop and place it into the hands of laymen. The legislation had been written with the help of liberal Catholics, including Connecticut attorney Thomas Gallagher, a contributor to the group Voice of the Faithful.

Similar Separation of church and state legislation was adopted in France in the early 20th century, which is called the 1905 law..."—William E. Lori, Wikipedia

This is something I think the people in Bethlehem and Pennsylvania should look into.

Have a nice day.