Friday, May 27, 2011

Book of Revelation, the Anti-Gospel

Comedienne Harold Camping of recent cancelled Rapture fame is being called a false prophet by many other fundamentalist preachers. Of course their condemnation does not have the same amount of venom they spewed toward Rob Bell. Their condemnation has more of hidden admiration. Something like “Hot damn! Why didn’t I think of that one first?" Or “Hell I could have pocketed part of the 100 million same as dear old Harold supposedly spent on the PR campaign and retired.” Etc.

Indeed, the lack of prosecution for fraud on dear old Harold is evidence of the timidity that now shows when up against the new reality of the powerful and moneyed lunatic classes of church and Wall Street. Money makes right. It is the new secular might. Whatever.

Let me go back to my favorite theme and that is that the Book of Revelation does not belong in the NT; that it is a Greek play styled narrative to promote the new Christianity thing. As such, with its awful injectures (yes, it’s a new word - urban) to die a horrible death here and in the hereafter if you do not join the Christian thingy. Sounds more like a Roman Army recruitment spiel “Join the army mate or get crucified.” (no joke).

As such, and amidst the absolute chaos and tailspin of these last days of Christianity, and perhaps civilization as well, let me once again label this poor piece of doped up writing that Harold Camping is getting his jollies with at age 89.

The Book of Revelation is not so much the anti-Christ as it is the Anti-Gospel.

If you start off with Love your Neighbor in Matthew, Mark, Luke and end up with Damn you Infidels and the violent End of the World shit for your neighbors, then it is reasonable to assume that this ending chapter of the user manual for the Christian church says a great deal about the insanity of the species when it comes to the category of religion.

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Dave said...

Some say John of Patmos was insane and the writing proves it! More harm than good comes from trying to interpret this piece of dramatic crap. If I could wish it into the mists of time..I would!