Monday, September 26, 2011

Wall Street – NYU – Protesters - Arrests – Class Divide

For any of you out there not seeing events unfold in NYC where some of the protestors, still in residence trying to occupy the Financial District downtown to demand justice and arrest of the Crooks running Wall Street, some of those protestors marched uptown to Union Square, 14th Street on Saturday.

On their way back downtown, they got stopped and 80 arrested on University Place, pretty much considered the Main Street of the NYU Campus.


Dave said...

The media really blew it on this story. The coverage was minimal at best and it does show who runs this country. Will this be a watershed event that this generation will rally around? Is Wall St. the new front line in the war against greed and profit taking at the expense of the poor? Time will tell but I got a flash back from the 60's viewing that clip.

M.McShea said...

You can almost smell the tear gas.