Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recipe with Love

My inspiration does not seem to make it to the page these days. Thoughts, ideas are full and get lost here trying to find a place on a blank page.

A thought this past night had me thinking about how what we do has an energy. If it is routine, the act may seem uninspired. If the act is inspired, maybe there is a different energy involved.

Fond of recipes for food, I think that what I lack in reproducing some family recipe is some missing ingredient that some relative put into the recipe. Sometimes, looking at it I am inspired to say that love went into the original recipe. Not that I cannot put my own love into something, I cannot reproduce the original energy of the original cook.

This is where several things come together and I think it has to do with energy and the lack of it sometimes coming through in the dry dead words on paper from the gospels etc.

That Jesus in saying love your neighbor could be thought as making it a dull rule unless the reader has that something extra like love or charisma and takes the message to heart and really wants to love his or her neighbor.

Then I realize how love can be a simple energy and how the gospels in some way could be coded. They made it a long way and through many handlers. The words to be as little children come to mind in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.

How often I have thought how the people in charge of some religions are nothing but bigoted cardboard cutouts. That they use Jesus to prop up their own inhumanity in their tired little corner of the universe.

Better to invest in simple belief than complicated literal belief in every word like the fundamentalists. The recipe may read the same two thousand years later but it does not have the energy of the original cook.

The challenge is to put our own mark and energy and love onto the words of Jesus when some parts of the old recipe seems a bit thin in modern times.

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