Monday, October 19, 2009

Progressive Line in the Sand

This is kind of a news related opinion dump of many loose ends.

The image is of a line in the sand. It is a symbolic line. Many I hear in the media are saying that Obama’s seemingly limp style of management is not taking us in a strong direction both with health care reform and in terms of standing up to the Wall Street Oligarchs, spawn of the Fed.

It is not inconceivable that Obama will be a one term president. The team, the Chicago mafia, that helped the White Sox fan win the WH is perhaps only good for only winning an election. Perhaps that team can be likened to ships’ pilots guiding a ship of state into the vast ocean. The captain of the ship of state should then steer the ship until the next port of call.

The Kennedys used to play touch football because they played with their sisters. But their co-ed games were rough. Perhaps Obama, on a learning curve, should learn to play a little harder. Otherwise, I begin to believe, begin to perceive, that the Washington culture is a culture of democracy, not unlike the Greek democracy, which was a democracy of slave owners.

Another item, that distresses me, is the continued, coded overt, layered symbol, Janus form of non stop hatred of Obama for his race and culture. There is a rumor that the “muslim” President is going to ban Christmas trees in the White House. What Bullshit. Murdock should cut back from 36 cans of Foster’s lager beer a day to 24 and get a life, get a soul, get a real “News” corp. etc. His is an Aussie outback operation that will be leading on veiled racist, religionist stories like this in the weeks to come.

Christmas myth dogs Obama

The war in Afghanistan goes on and on. If we cannot get rid of and monitor our terrorist enemies in the mountains there with spy satellites and drone bombs, what good is the wasted expense of these military toys. We turned a blind eye to Pakistan getting nuclear weapons back when the Soviets were stupid enough to occupy (try to occupy) Afghanistan. The Soviet empire collapsed shortly after they failed in that endeavor. Pakistan is or is not a valid nation state whose fate we cannot prevent if it is a failed state. Russia, China and India are the closest regional neighbors of this anemic Muslim state. They should be carrying their weight around. If not, let them clean up the mess when all nuclear hell breaks loose.

Regarding my recent mentioning of the bitch fight between Megan Carpentier of Air America in defense of a helpless Michelle Malkin against the mean liberal bully Keith Olbermann –

Keith should make a half-assed apology (political apology) not to dear sweet innocent Michelle – but apologize for a perhaps offensive to some - use of descriptives. I thought he hit a perfect bullseye on that one.

Megan Carpentier should learn the number one rule of all modern liberal/progressives regardless of sex.
Lines in the sand do not really matter. In the end, the tide comes in and washes all lines away.

It is the thoughts, intentions and struggles between the tides of history that in the end really do matter.


Debra Harris-Johnson said...

The president is NOT Muslim. Why keep this stupid thing going? Some are still trying to authenticate if he is really an American. I agree that there is a line drawn in the sand but it divides the intelligent life from well...the others. And the others really scare me.

Mike McShea said...

I am scared too sometimes of those others. The Neanderthals seem to have reincarnated or done a deal with the Devil so to speak to come back out of the dark shadows of mankind's hidden natures.