Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Episcopal Leap of Faith

The Episcopal Church in America has decided that gay people are suitable to be ordained in their church. This is of course in direct conflict with the established order, CoE, Church of England, old order of things.

Episcopal vote on gay clergy widens Anglican split

There are a lot of patriarchal CoE types on the planet who still believe that women are only good for making babies or serving as doormats. Gays are not even part of that abuse filled talking point. Their Old Testament belief system is in direct conflict with the living real Jesus who if in human form would toss these haters of portions of humanity, these tossers into hell so to speak. Whatever.

The CoE with its Queen or is it the Welsh guy as Archbishop of Canterbury is going to have to organize the established church to face reality – It might be a good management model for the tossers who run the RC church to observe. I predict boutique divisions being formed and sanctioned under the dusty crown of the CoE head office brand to suit the out of daters, mad haters, of the old male "straight" order of things.

The American branch in its two hundred year experiment of independence, freedom and recognition of human rights has stated as of yesterday that Gays can be ordained. It does not sanction Gay Marriage. In fact I think the Secular World in America will sanction that decades before the religious types do.

In any case the bottom line is that Americans, religious or not, will not tolerate discrimination.

God bless our Republic!

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