Thursday, July 16, 2009

Holy Vagina - the Feminine Side of God

I started writing this article last week but stopped. I had to do some follow up research. It is best to feel comfortable with what you are quoting. It started with a quote from Father Kennedy’s Pentecost homily. Father Kennedy was talking about the Gnostic thing again. The Gnostic movement in ancient times seems to have written a large portion of the Jesus story from a philosophical point of view. Writings and large parts of those concepts were suppressed for over fifteen hundred years only to be rediscovered or at least partially documented in the finding of the Nag Hammadi scrolls in Egypt in the late forties.

There is a quote from the Father Kennedy’s Pentacost homily that quotes a radical theologian Diarmuid O'Murchu who kind of dumbfounded me when he referred to the Holy Spirit as “she”.

Peter Kennedy's Homily May 30-31 Pentecost Sunday 2009
O'Murchu in his book
Catching up with Jesus
speaks of the Holy Spirit as an awakening presence that breathes where she wills, ever generating new breath thoroughly in human and planetary consciousness. Literalist Christianity created by Constantine gave source to the Holy Roman Empire, a totalitarian regime that would rule Europe with an iron-fist for over a thousand years. In the Western world the institutional authority of the church became the principal means whereby the state created political and social order. Gnostic spirituality throughout history has ceaselessly exposed literalist religion as a pernicious source of ignorance and division.

The Second Vatican Council, the vision of John XXIII which he referred to as a new Pentacost has yet to become a reality. It is time to awaken to the original message of the early Christians to the truth of Ultimate Reality, that is, the Oneness of Creation infused by the presences of Love itself, that is, there is only God.

I looked up this O’Murchu guy and he is quite off the wall and or futuristic in some of his theories. He is not afraid to engage in the modern world – this twenty first century world – not unlike the Episcopalians in Anaheim these past few days.

Is the Holy Spirit Female? Is my opening title word vagina offensive, strange, to you? For thousands of years before Christ, the power and ancient wisdom of God before Christianity was embodied and universally recognized in the earth goddess figure both as an idol and as a mental concept. Little wonder the sacred wisdom, Hagia Sofia, went underground for close to seventeen hundred years after Constantine and his Army Bull Cult took over the reins of the Christian religion to advance his personal glory and empire.

No doubt many of the bishops, imprisoned in the Emperor’s summer palace at the Council of Nicea, had to send us a message here in the future to say that yes, God has a feminine side and it is the Holy Spirit. It makes sense. It has balance. It is needed to counterbalance the present male godless capitalist system that would enslave us forever as it marches forth at present to destroy all our humanity.

The American Episcopal church seems to be dealing with reality, first with women ordinations and women as bishops and now extending that openness to the gay community. The American Episcopal church has its feet firmly planted in the twenty-first century of the common era of mankind. The Holy Spirit I think was in California this week. The rest of the established Christian order of things, especially the RC church, seems permanently stuck in the dark ages – time to follow a beacon of light from California.

I have to agree with the twenty-second century thinker and theologian Diarmuid O'Murchu that the Hold Spirit is a “she”. She is very much the feminine side of the Patriarchal God of the past four thousand years. She has been in her prison. She is a prisoner no more.

A new age of the Holy Spirit of God is upon us. Wake up and smell the roses!

God be praised!

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