Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Do They Rip Kids from Mother's Breasts if Asylum Seekers Arrive at JFK or Ronald Reagan Airports or Is This Cruel and Unusual Punishment Reserved only for the Poorest of the Poor in this Hemisphere?

I read the other day about 8 kids ripped from their moms on the Mexican border now being housed on Long Island at I think a "Catholic" charity called Mercy First which is now acknowledged as being one of several in New York state now housing such children, such jetsam and flotsam from the southern border, per this NY Post article, a Murdoch product along side Fox News.

My first reaction to the Long Island facility has to do with the RC church as a business dealing with the care and feeding of children considering its track record worldwide. i.e. Madalene Asylums for unwed mothers in Ireland and their gateway to child trafficking via adoption and adoption fees etc. to support the church etc.

The Peron years in Argentina and the last days of the Franco years in Spain made for some really profitable adoption of infants ripped from female political prisoners, many of which disappeared back over some other border in the middle of the night after some makeshift encounter by law with a Jeff Sessions Kangaroo Immigration type Court ? etc.

Isn't it Putin who no longer wants his Russian children to be delivered via "adoption" to the Americans in retaliation for the Sanctions imposed on Russia for the invasion of Crimea. To punish the Americans who have the most influence to change the Sanctions?

And is this sarcasm? Wasn't the secret meeting in the stairwell at Trump Tower before and or after the 2016 election between ring leader Donald Trump Jr. and Jeff Sessions?? etc and Russians about "Adoption".

And President Trump now acknowledges that he dictated the "Adoption Meeting" memo with the Russians for functionally illiterate son Don Jr. Like father, like son. Adoption always on some perverts' minds?

The paranoid part of me thought of how close these kid victims of the Border War or is it a War on Humanity, how close these kids on Long Island are to the pervert billionaires at the Hamptons at the eastern end of Long Island, it being summer season and all that, and maybe some kind billionaires can invite the kiddies to the beachfront properties for a day visit and picnic out on parole for the day from kiddie prison?

Of course the Obama Admin did this too according to a right wing article from 2014, the link of which I cannot find this morning. The RC church in need of gelt to run their many charitable institutions. The 4.1 million fed money to Mercy First to take care of loose kids from the border was according to that article a Democratic plot to dump these kids in Red States and Red Counties on Long Island to be a burden on the thin tax base there to get free edication. Whatever.

The poorest of the poor can be easily exploited. An ideal time to quit the United Nations Human Rights Council too etc. Cover for the dark age to come.

And stinking Pig Shit Irish Bill Donohue's only concern over at Catholic League is not into immigrant orphans these days but rather the firing of Samantha Bee and cancellation of her cable TV show for calling Ivanka Trump Kushner a feckless C*nt, just like hisself.

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