Monday, June 6, 2016

Donald Trump Endorses Nuremberg Laws over Constitution in Judging Fitness of Members of American Judiciary

I know that I am putting some of you off with my politics. First I did not want Cruz as the GOP candidate but this thing over the weekend of Trump saying that a native born American Judge of Mexican descent is not qualified to sit on the bench, to sit on the bench and judge his fraud / scam with Trump University. Whether this ignoramus knows it or not, he is saying that non-whites are not fit to sit on the bench. I know the Media has ignored the fact that Trump's father, the German, was active in the KKK in his youth. But what I hear when Trump talks this shit is the Nuremberg Laws that said that one drop of non-German blood in your ancestors strips you of all rights in the country. Paul Ryan DUH DUH DUH (he's one of the smart ones?) endorses Trump for the sake of pushing the "Conservative" agenda. Hey this Bozo Donald is talking future genocide for all non-whites in America. Above a chart explaining what is and what is not a pure "German" from the Nuremberg laws which I think Trump thinks is the law of this land.


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