Monday, June 6, 2016

Deadbeat Donald and Some of his 3,500 Lawsuits

3,500 sounds to me like an awful lot of unhappy campers. To my way of thinking, I worked in an Accounts Payable Department for the company that built the World Financial Center, the grouping of office buildings and mall across the street from the World Trade Center before it was destroyed in 2001, I worked in an office in a trailer at the present site of the Goldman Sachs office HQ - 3,500 lawsuits sounds like an awful lot of contractors in the building trades business that employ a few to dozens of other carpenters, plasterers, electricians, day laborers etc. - suing the builder for vendor invoices that go unpaid beyond 90 -180 days. The rumors I have heard over the years about Donald Trump first evolved there in that job in the mid 1980s. Donald was a deadbeat and would not attempt to settle his bills, debts until you got a lawyer and had to sue him to get yourself and your workers paid for your daily bread. Why can't one lousy fucking reporter in the MSM state the obvious about this racist deadbeat from his historic past. Screw you Donald.


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