Friday, August 21, 2015

Eleanor Darragh Married Alan Wilson in 1958 According to Harris County TX Marriage Records

Saint Vincent De Paul Church Houston Texas
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I see from a source that Eleanor Darragh married Alan Wilson in Harris County (Houston) Texas in 1958. Officiating minister a Msgr J D Connolly of Saint Vincent De Paul's Church there. 

Also Date of Divorce from the Grifter Preacher from Carrollton Tx in 1997, Harris County records (Common Law Marriage - American or Canadian?).

Still looking for date of divorce with Wilson and marriage date w/ "Rev." Rafael Cruz. This all to make certain that Senator Rafael Edward "Ted" Cruz was born on the up and up, legitimately in Canada, and not out of wedlock, which would negate his claim to U.S. Citizenship according to the laws on the books of the United States in 1970, when he supposedly was born. 


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Anonymous said...

According to an interview with Mr. Wilson, they were divorced in 1963. In 1966 Eleanor gave birth to a child. She contacted Mr.Wilson and asked his permission to use his name even though they had not had any contact during that time. The child also died in 1966 of crib death. Mr. Wilson has lived in England as an ex-pat since the 60's. The records for their divorce and the later birth of her child may exist there.