Friday, March 6, 2015

Knights Templer Secret Swiss Bank Account Number Uncovered on History Channel

Rune Stone
Forensic History Channel Narrator Scot Wolter was standing by some mysterious stone carvings in Pennsylvania at a secret location in this recent fourth rerun of the original discovery. 

His two companions wearing Camo and carrying shotguns, who found some carvings and inscriptions, led Scot to this super secret location which they found while hunting deer.

The shorter Camo guy of the two who needed a shave said that he believed that pre-Columbian tourism to Pennsylvania is a suppressed fact in the history books in public school that also advocate false ideas like gender equality and evolution.

Walter was surprised that such expertise and opinions existed boots on the ground in Pennsylvania.

Scot managed to disprove the carvings numbers and letters and the rubes gave up the stone. Scot took the stone to dispose of it and is (was) now scheduled first class on a flight to Switzerland.

What a great national asset the History Entertainment Channel is to the national I.Q. and our place among other nations. 


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