Friday, March 6, 2015

Daesh / ISIS War Crimes Pile Up on World Stage – “Cultural Cleansing”

Daesh / ISIS – the current flavor of month global warlord cult, barbarian-anarchist media sensation is acting like a bunch of evil dicks – not just with people lately but with statues and stuff.

I remember the Taliban in Afghanistan came onto my radar long before 911 when those assholes started to blow up statues of the Buddha carved into the sides of mountains. Idols. Idols Idols. The pure readers of the Muslim Book worship the words and not the spirit of that book much like local barbarians here, the Redneck Cristians here in America, mostly below the Mason-Dixon Line, do the same with the Hebrew and Greek Testaments.

Being, wanting to be a half-assed Muslamic state for the so called “Islamic State”, a so-called world power, has its eventual collateral physical and PR damages. These destructions of museums, sacred sites, tombs and archeological sites are crimes against the common culture of the human race.

That anger and rage against the past cannot change it no matter how much one jumps up and down and rant like monkeys in a circus cage or zoo.

"We call this cultural cleansing because unfortunately, we see an acceleration of this destruction of heritage as deliberate warfare," Bokova said. She said the attack fit into a larger "appalling vision" of persecution of minorities in the region and declared that attacks on culture are now a security concern.

"It's not a luxury anymore," Bokova said.

The Iraqi government says Islamic State militants "bulldozed" the renowned archaeological site of the ancient city in northern Iraq with heavy military vehicles on Thursday.

Bokova said U.N. officials have to rely on satellite images of the destroyed city to assess the level of damage, because the dangerous security situation makes it impossible to get people close to the site.

But she said officials have seen images of some of the large statues from the site "put on big trucks and we don't know where they are, possibly for illicit trafficking."


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