Thursday, August 7, 2014

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg Texas - Yelling Personal Preferences for Privacy Over National Security W/ Texas DL Fingerprinting Law

Too bad Texas only has a part time legislature, meets every two years for six or seven months and then shuts down.  Next official session, the 84th Legislature meets in January 2015. Texas to an outsider like me it operates on 19th century Territorial Time and or not real modern Statehood Time IMHO.

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, the rep who thinks that rape kits cause Abortion, taking away a raped women’s right to the miracle of conception in conjunction with the Rape Daddy’s magic holy spermy thingies (taking sperm out of the Rape Victim’s womb), thinks that fingerprinting people in the Driver’s License bureau is an invasion of privacy.

Ironically, since illegals can’t get a DL to get car insurance because they are (Catch 22) illegal, it is only the God Fearing (?)(cannot find Jodie’s religion affiliation anywhere btw) people of Texas who have to get fingerprinted. God Bless Big Brother Texas. LOL

This in a state that elects a Canadian to the Senate without asking for a valid American Birth Certificate ( half-assed backward ) etc.

Rep. Jodie Laubenberg, R-Parker, says her antenna lifted when her 76-year-old mom visited the Plano driver’s license office recently and was fingerprinted.

“They do not have the legislative authority to do this,” Laubenberg says. “I was there in 2005” when the bill the DPS says gives them permission was enacted. “I guarantee this would have blown up if that was part of the bill.”

The 2005 law said the DPS could collect “an applicant’s thumbprint or fingerprints.” Two sponsors of the original bill have said it wasn’t meant to let the agency collect all 10 prints; only if a thumb wasn’t available, fingers could be used. That was, they say, their intent.

The decision to fingerprint all Texas drivers was handled by DPS through rule-making, not law, Laubenberg said, and that’s not good enough.

“I’m all for supporting DPS, but this one is a privacy issue. And this is one that we need to debate publicly. … I want them to cease taking fingerprints.”


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