Wednesday, May 14, 2014

“Millionaire’s Prayer” – To the Money god – Father Thomas J. Ducey – St. Leo’s Church NYC - 1901

Image Source: King’s Notable New Yorkers 1896-1899
 (original copyright expired)

Rev. Ducey, a noted New York priest and socialist, is the author of the following “Millionaire's Prayer” to the gold god - a paraphrase on the prayer which Jesus taught his disciples:

“My father who art in heaven; 
hallowed be thy name.

My kingdom has come on earth;
thy will be done - in heaven; 
my will be done here.

Give me this day all the income I want.

 Give me my debts in violence against humanity, 
in foreclosure against my debtors.

Deliver us this day from all the ‘isms’ 
that destroy our power
 to enslave humanity.

Mine is the kingdom and the power, 
and thine be the glory forever.



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