Tuesday, January 21, 2014

85 Billionaires own 110 Trillion Dollars - 46% of the Planet's Wealth

Top 1% = 85 Billionaires have 110 Trillion dollars = 46% of all the planet's wealth. 

It's the Tax Codes Stupid!



Anonymous said...

Wrong, 85 richest people have net worth of 5.4 trillion not 110 trillion, yes that is equal to 46% of the worlds poorest. Top 1% have net worth of 110 trillion or 65 times that of the worlds poorest half of the population.

M.McShea said...

Hey Anon, you can safely identify yourself here. As for your stats, the meme is the myth and the myth is the meme. Stat this or stat that. Bottom line, what is he 21st century equivalent of Madame Guillotine at the rich ppl's partaa? Next! lol