Monday, July 22, 2013

Prince “Baby Boy” of Cambridge – Another Royal Mouth to Feed on the Public Dole – Are there no Prisons? Are there no Work Houses?

Where’s my free Royal Lunch?

The Chow Line at Buckingham Palace is getting rather crowded. The Queen will live to a hundred and there will how many people in line to succeed the Figurehead of the Monarch of the former British Empire?

Buckingham Palace will make a great Louvre type museum when the Brits go Republic – whenever.

Charles is talking about being George VII when he gets to pry the crown out of mummsy’s dead cold hands about 2028 when he is 80, Queen Camilla will be a youthful 81 and Wills will be 46. Etc.

That’s an awful lot of royals on the dole getting free rent at Kensington Palace etc. 


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