Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Manchurian (?) Candidate / Governor Jack Dalrymple has no Religion and Signs Draconian Abortion Law in North Dakota

Anti-Feminist Governor Jack Dalrymple of North Dakota
And his breeding partner "Betsy"

It is amazing that a state that ranks 48 according to population, North Dakota has one seat in the House of Representatives, and two in the stagnant Senate, that a state like North Dakota can set an anti-female abortion ban law at as low as six weeks of pregnancy, that it has a Governor “Jack” Dalrymple who signs this law into state law and has no “religion” listed anywhere in the Internet.

It is not PC to question the religion of a politician. It is not a constitutional requirement. But Abortion usually is a sick religious political moral standard of the new Republican Christian Religion / Merger.

Dalrymple has four daughters, no doubt brought up on chastity belts and a loving look from mom Betsy who probably agrees to not have any opinion about her own body from master of the house Jack.

Jack’s only political connections, traceable before his recent election to Governor is as a contributor to the George W Bush Campaigns in 2000 and 2004 and Jack is and or was on the Board of Directors of the Right Wing U.S. Chamber of Commerce which funnels, launders foreign money into domestic American Political Contests from China and Saudi Arabia?  

A farmer who is a graduate of Yale and a member of Yale’s’, W’s Skull and Crossbones Society Network that worships Satan etc.?

All that aside, the morals / politics of Abortion but North Dakota in on the Canadian border. 

So if Governor Jack Darlrymple is a closet Muslim, not to say he is a closet Muslim terrorist, we all in the real U.S.A. would sure like to know.



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