Sunday, February 17, 2013

Holy Spirit(?) Moves College of Cardinals to Rush into Papal Election to make way for Easter Week Sales at the Vatican Gift Shop for the Tourists.

Crowds are important in the Vatican business. 

Having people standing around St. Peter’s Square waiting for a pope to be elected is not good for business.

Especially for Easter Week Sales of Christ and New Pope chotskis. Of course they might have dolls and stuffed animals with an image of the new Pope ready for the Easter Tourist rush. More than likely there will be a fire sale of Benedict baubles from warehouses full of such outdated stuff now that Benedict’s retirement interferes with future marketing sales of such.

There was an estimated loss of $2 million dollars when from January first until last week, the Vatican ATMs could only dispense cash and not accept Credit Card or Debit Card purchases by tourists.

No doubt the EU Bank Regulators were sending a message to the Vatican State to follow the standard laws and ethics of secular banking.

One strange phenomenon. A German has been named new Head of the I.O.R. or Vatican Bank, no doubt Germany and the EU wanting a foothold inside the Vatican Bank.

Compromise on that I think in that I hear the new German bank guy is a Knight of Malta etc. LOL

Who is going to be the new pope? I hear the Vatican Gift Shop is stocking up on Cheese Hats. Oy vey!

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