Sunday, February 17, 2013

Why are Cuban American Senators Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz Ashamed of their Mothers’ Names?

GOP Token "Hispanic" Senators Rubio-Garcia and Cruz-Darragh (aka)

Senator Marco Rubio -Garcia of Florida and Senator Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz -Darragh call themselves Hispanic and or Cubano and they appear to hate their mommas.

Marco has problems with speaking in public a lot like Richard Nixon. He is some sort of savior for the Republicans. Nixon used to sweat like a pig on the way to slaughter when he used to speak. Rubio-Garcia goes all dry in the mouth when he gives a speech. He still is shamed of his momma.

Ted Cruz prances around the Senate with a Canadian kind of walk and talk. He was born there. So maybe he dropped his momma’s name up there in Polar Bear Country.  His rhetoric reminds me of Joe McCarthy.  I am like young enough to remember people having a fresh memory of that confused closeted tortured soul. A lot of really really homophobes in the GOP. Not to say that they are all closeted gays. Cruz-Darragh still is ashamed of his momma’s last name.

There is a lot of dumbed down American stuff about the Hispanic culture where the media gets confused about the Mother Suffix Name system in the general Hispanic Culture.

Of course, things might be different in Cuba.  But a simple reading even of Wikipedia would see that Fidel Castro-Ruz is not ashamed of his momma. Or her name.

Which makes me wonder when you get government handouts, affirmative action, CIA scholarships to go in one generation, according to each of their phonied up Anglicized Hispanic bios, from picking beans, washing dishes, to having college and law degrees from Florida or Harvard. Yeah right.

We all know that the Cuban American Community in Miami is ready to condo-ize Cuba once Fidel Passes. It is possible we see in Marco and Ted, two future stooges, Scott Walker types, being groomed for the very important token role for the CIA, as the First Governor of the Fifty First State of Cuba? LOL

No doubt the Far Right feels comfortable with their token “Hispanic” lap dogs in the form of Cuban American and Canadian Cuban Americans  Marco Rubio-XXXXXX  of Florida and “Ted” Cruz-XXXXXXX of Texas.

Has anybody inside the liberal eastern media climbed down from their corporate towers and asked the average real Hispanic in the Street what they think of the token GOP Anglicized “Hispanics” on the conflicted GOP gameplan spreadsheet for winning future elections with real people or GOP cardboard cut-outs in America.  LMAO

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