Sunday, January 20, 2013

Cardinal Dolan’s 2008 $55 Million Cemetery Fraud Reversed by Federal Judge in Order to Compensate Victims of RC Clergy Buggery

Hiding Assets in a Graveyard  to Cheat Victims is both a Crime and a "Sin"

Mafia King Benedict XVI’s chief henchman in the United States gets some push back from the federal court on his infamous attempt to hide assets and cheat victims of child abuse in Milwaukee. 

When he was Archbishop of Milwaukee, Timothy Dolan chose the dead people, placing $55 million into cemetery trust funds and out of the reach of local abuse victims suing the Church. (They want compensation for the suffering caused by childhood sexual trauma.) Dolan left Milwaukee to take the most visible post in Catholic America -- cardinal of New York City - but he could not escape his choice. The victims asked a federal bankruptcy judge to reverse him, and on Friday she did. For now the $55 million is available to settle hundreds of well-documented cases in which priests raped and sexually molested children and adolescents.  
Bankruptcy Judge Susan V. Kelley discussed her decision in court on Friday, explaining that neither First Amendment protections for religion nor federal law protect the archdiocese from her authority. She sided with creditors in the bankruptcy proceedings, who said the main purpose of the 2008 transfer was to place it out of their reach. In fact the archdiocese had managed the task of mowing the grass and otherwise maintaining cemeteries for generations without a $55 million trust generating income for that purpose.


Dave said...

Why on Earth..would any person with a modicum of intelligence..continue to put money into these creeps hands? Are they blind and deaf also? Do they not read the papers? Are they that conditioned and brain washed? Can they not think for themselves? It's just astounding and revolting..I want to vomit.

colkoch said...

I am so pleased to see that a female judge took Cardinal Dolan's well laid plans and 'put them to rest'. It seems only fitting, especially for those who suffered abuse in this diocese whose recent bishopric history is not particularly scintillating.

What is it with the Catholic Church in Wisconsin?