Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mayor of Salt Lake City Marries First Gay Couple in UTAH

Joining many others who have tied the knot today in Utah, Democratic State Senator and Utah Democratic Party Chairman Jim Dabakis married his partner in Salt Lake City, officially making him his husband. The city's mayor, Ralph Becker, officiated the ceremony.

I for one am a bit shocked with the speed that this cultural paradigm shift to Same Sex and or Gay Marriage has taken hold in America.

A whole generation of the young have not been raised in the prejudices and hatreds of mainstream Christianity. This is for both mainstream and some spheres of fundamentalist Christianity.

That the young have a live and let live attitude and in increased poll numbers do not see morality attached to human sexuality among consenting adults.

That all the Tens of Millions that the Mormon Church spent recruiting the Republican Party and the Roman Catholic Hierarchy to fight this mythical war, like the war on drugs etc., on privacy in the bedroom which is one of the most intimate and important in every human life - had been a wasted dime of tax free religious funding.

This backlash has come to manifest itself at the very foot of this man made religion and main Temple of Mormonism. 

Human rights cannot be dispensed with or hidden from view using the bible as some sort of ultimate authority on the rules of living. 

It may have worked that way decades or centuries ago but the future is coming at us at the speed of light – a human light?


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