Thursday, November 28, 2013

Catholic NeoConfederates Attack Obama With Rat Bastard Jed Bush Leading the Rat Bastard Chorus – Revenge on Iran Diplomacy Efforts

Baby Jeb Bush who helped Big Brother George W Bush steal the 2000 election via his state Florida, and who wanted to be president too – “Wha, wha, Mommy and Daddy, I was your favorite and was supposed to be president first and not 'Stupid Georgy' ” – John Ellis, yes he has a first name and not baby tag “Jeb” – “Wha, wha, mommy and daddy…” – John Ellis “Baby Jeb” Bush is defending his Roman Catholic faith and with a script written by the unpaid interns at Bill Donohue’s “Catholic” League in assault on President Obama for revenge of averting temporarily the next War with Iran.

Jeb wants NeoCon Catholic NeoConfederate War with Iran and Obama’s use of his brain, with diplomacy, how disgusting, has thrown a monkey wrench in the Jeb’s political ambitions and his deadbeat GOP contracting cronies waiting for the next war feast on the taxpayer’s dime.

The excuse is on the Catholic Front. With Pope Francis talking people and humanity – “Yuk!” – John Ellis is attacking Obama’s decision to downsize and put the American Vatican Embassy delegation in safer quarters with the official American Embassy Compound to Italy and in Rome, so close to the Vatican, before Al Qaeda attacks again.

“Benghazi! Benghazi! Benghazi!” (Fox News Chorus)

Representative Darrell (2 “R”s and 2 “L”s) Issa wants a congressional inquiry into the merging of diplomatic functions in Rome and saving money knowing well that that there is nothing else a dumb hat like Issa can do sitting around and jerking off in the do nothing except for jerking off Boehner Republican Congress.

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) called out President Barack Obama for closing the U.S. embassy to the Vatican, questioning whether the decision was political "retribution" for Catholic opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

War with Iran is still possible - and of course Very Profitable


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