Monday, November 18, 2013

Bishop Paprocki’s Favorite Gay H8 Story Fails to Mention Details of Underpaid No-Benefit Typist Not Showing For Work – Murdered by a Gay Man She Harassed About His Lifestyle


I really think that Bishop Tom Paprocki should add a few witch or heretic burnings to his Exorcism Against Gays in general and Gay Marriage in particular this coming Wednesday in Springfield Illinois.

Bishop Paprocki's favorite Gay H8 story is really his story but he takes no responsibility for the actions of others or how others act in the name of his hate rhetoric while mouthing the so-called authorship of this hate as belonging to the original Jesus. 

That the messenger of his beliefs is both a victim and a martyr selling the company snake oil in the public square. 

He seems to have a boilerplate gay hate story he carries around with him on an index card and it goes off on how Matthew Shepard and his murder in Wyoming gets close to 12 million hits on the internet and the murder of his part time typist/secretary at the hands of a brutal gay animal only gets 26 thousand hits.

Lots of filler in his Chicken ala King talking circuit story and speech, a real Charles Chaput kind of long, winding and meaningless story.

I reading the story have to wonder why a married mother of four has to work two part time jobs, minimum wage?, benefits?, “a laborer is worthy of his(her) hire…?” and how the loss of his part time “secretary” at the hands of a mentally disturbed man who happened to have been gay and killed the woman, how the story is the basis of why Gay Marriage is so evil. 

It must have really been a pain in the butt for Paprocki to find a doormat of an part time office worker not so easily replaced and sorely missed. Someone used to deciphering his dyslexic scribblings?

That she was reiterating the kind of standard hate line of the good Bishop to the gay man is what pissed him off and he killed her, the mentally disturbed man missed the true mark by a papal mile?

Springfield, IL Bishop Thomas Paprocki debated dissident nun Sr. Jeannine Gramick on the topic of gay “marriage” before a decidedly gay-friendly crowd on Friday. In a shocking revelation in his opening remarks, the bishop told the crowd that his former secretary was brutally murdered by a gay activist simply for suggesting that he change his lifestyle.

Heckling and insults from the crowd and were expected and received as the bishop laid out the argument in favor of traditional marriage, after which he concluded, “some of you may be sneering, and I might be lucky if you said you were willing to hear me again on this topic some other time… In the end, I hope that at least a few of you will agree with my remarks.”

Bishop Paprocki began his address to the crowd powerfully noting the media discrepancy in covering the Matthew Shepard murder and that of his own former secretary, a mother of four, who was killed by a homosexual man for urging him to change his gay lifestyle.

"A Google search on the Internet for the name 'Matthew Shepard' at one time produced 11,900,000 results," said the bishop. "Matthew Shepard was a 21-year-old college student who was savagely beaten to death in 1998 in Wyoming. His murder has been called a hate crime because Shepard was gay."


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