Monday, November 18, 2013

American Bred Ignorance – Voodoo Christianity – Inbred – Incestuous – Dumbed Down GOP Religion – Rafael Cruz – Sarah Palin – Michele Bachmann

Putting aside all the inbred trailer trash jokes of the quality people we see in the new GOP RELIGION, we find a sort of a Morphed Mutant inbred form of Christianity of people standing on stage and telling about how "God Talks to ME" and "God Told Me what to Do" and also "this is IN THE BIBLE" – which it ain’t, I can read and have read the bible --- you have this bastardization of the old Christian religion into something that resembles 


that is filled with anger and hate and paranoia especially.

Of course Senator Ted Cruz's  (R-Canada) intenerate, w/no church building, w/a Benny Hinn Mail Order Minister’s certificate DAD, you have his story of working his way up through the jungles of Cuba before he arrived here and as a super-immigrant was immediately welcomed into the white trailer trash culture of Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann, after he pimped for Castro or was it Batista or was it his Uncle and pimping what, Guns, Girls and or Boys? – Whatever.

Voodoo Dolls or Hate Radio/TV - No Difference

The bottom line is that what these weirdoes preach is the new religion and a secular version of Hate Radio and Hate FOX TV wrapped in a Jesus paper wrapper and the all the heartland losers want one of their own inbred kind to make it to the White House to prove a point?

People who want to destroy the government of the United States are domestic enemies - foreign enemies if citizens of Canada, BTW.



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