Saturday, October 12, 2013

Tea Party In Penna. Coup To Take Away Freedom of Beliefs – UberCatholic Tea Party Guido Rick Saccone Ready to Destroy 224 Year Old American Constitutional Right in Penna. Legislature

Allegiance to the Koch Brothers God of Money Printed on All American Money to be demanded of all children in Pennsylvania schools.

Sieg Heil -  holy name of Koch and Tea Party!

Rick Saccone (R-What else?) is ready to push forward legislation requiring all public schools in his state to display the words “In God We Trust” somewhere, in order to make non-religious students feel more awkward and unwelcome. 
 Saccone (which I think is Italian for a big bag or something—of what, I will let you decide), is no stranger to evangelizing from his congressional seat, which he has previously used to promote such important issues as declaring 2012 “The Year of The Bible” and trying to make Abraham Lincoln’s birthday be celebrated as a National Fast Day in which we all refuse to eat because Jesus is really great or something. Now he’s on this trip, because apparently he doesn’t have anything more important to do with his time.

Going Guido Guido Guido on You Tube:
no matter what god you serve or if you serve no god it all
in God We Trust is still our national motto and so we will honor the hundred
and fiftieth anniversary
a visible acknowledgement obeying God We Trust on our coins
and subsequently our national motto i've introduced legislation
requiring all public schools to display our national motto in God We Trust
for our children to learn of and revere like our flag
we should celebrate in this play our national motto we should teach our
children the value of patriotism in history
hope you also display our motto in every place public and private that you can

(in private – tattooed on our vaginas and penises too Rick???) lol


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