Saturday, October 12, 2013

Rick Saconne’s Smorgasbord of Corruption Exception Bills (Wink, Nod) for Pennsylvania State Legislators Among other things Religious

Pennsylvania Flag - A State in Great Distress

Got to offer incentives for a basically a part time job and attract the right kind of loser Lifers like Tea Party Hack Rick Saccone chasing those Koch bucks by the ton, under the cover of holier than thou, "fasting", ashes covered and sack cloth wearing Pennsylvania state legislators. LOL 
Just a small sampling of Rick “In Koch We Trust” Saccone’s sponsored Pennsylvania Assembly Smorgasbord of Bills and Resolution makes one wonder why don’t I move to Pennsylvania, pretend to be a sunshine Tea Party Patriot and cash in all the corruption available with first priority to GOP Tea ParteeRRs in the Pennsylvania Assembly. LOL

Christian Post Article conveniently scrubbed of Primary sponsor of HR17 National Fast Day Resolution Rick Saccone's name:

HB424 – Mob Exceptions on Small Gambling Clubs Licensing BILL

HB1667 – Redefining Ethics for State Legislators and Exception for Gifts (Bribes) to Legislators BILL

HB1668 -  Pennsylvania Public Officials, ethnics redefined, Financial Disclosure Exceptions BILL

HB1669 – Big Gifts from Lobbyists to Legislators exceptions (Whores (girls,guys), Expensive Hotel Suites, Dinners, Drugs, Limousines, Private Jets, Overseas Trips etc.) BILL

HB1728 – “In Money We Trust” Public School Students Indoctrination BILL

(caution-sarcasm?) LOL (yeah right)



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