Friday, October 4, 2013

Senator Ted Cruz About to Do a Sarah Palin – Shopping Around for Right Wing Think Tank Lobby To Hire Him

Snake Oil Heritage Cider Foundation Think Tank / Lobby

Now that he has become the most hated man in America right behind Rush Limbaugh, Senator Ted Cruz is rumored to about to do a Sarah Palin, quit his day job.  

Shopping Around for a Think Tank – an ideal Foundation to Hire Him?

Rumor has it that the newly arrived from Australia (Rupert Murdoch’s homeland - wink,nod) Snake Oil Foundation is looking for a young aggressive no morals politician to head its new think tank lobby on “K” Street in Washington DC.

Sarah Palin only lasted two years into her governorship of a state with 300,000 citazins, just before she had to take her final governor’s exam. That and Fox News needed an overpaid Weather Girl on the “news”.

Ted Cruz seeing how good his dad is doing on the Jim Crow Chikkken ala King lecture circuit figures it is time to cash in on his newly won hard fought for fame.

Rumor has it that he is looking for a promotion to head a right wing think tank lobby $2,000,000 minimum salary and bonuses to shill for the right wing cause and launder literally tons of PAC money to any asshole, any immature teenage mentality jock type (white only) on the planet that they can put them on every Republican Primary Ballot in the country.

Pretty good for a man who can’t even prove his citizenship or if his parents were legally married at the time of his birth in Canada.

Son of a an illegal immigrant that only just became a citizen in 2005 after living on Uncle Sugar’s tit for 50 years.

Ain’t America great Rafael Edwardo “Teddy” Cruz Junior?


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