Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Drudge Challenge – The Modern Creationist Science of Prenology – the Liberal Side of Ted Cruz’s Brain Versus His Conservative Side

The lies of the OTP (Oligarch’s Tea Party) sound something like creationist science. What good is feeding yourself if you do not grow your own patented by Monsanto wheat? Better you starve to death if you cannot afford the royalties to M (bow your heads) for next year's crops.

Well, I kind of think that kind of BS gentlemen’s rule above should be only be practiced as rules only by ivy (IV) league gentlemen such as Ted Cruz of the long line of Cuban Plantation Overseer Cruzes bloodline to pretend that they are aristocrats and not merely the first tier step it and fetch it boys of the Oligarchs of the New World Order.

Take the advanced in recent years creationist updated science of Prenology to judge who is your better these days.

Take the Drudge challenge so to speak and examine the sides and sizes of Ted Cruz’s brain as proof that a Pee Tea Party Messiah has risen among us.

Against all Odds is the Drudge Challenge.  The Drudge image show what I think is a larger side of Ted’s Skull on the left side. Which is not to alarm the Right. We can use or mix when it is convenient to our argument MIT voodoo type science and state emphatically that the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body (politic) to much relief.

The left side of the brain is rational and focused and is the ideal general ready to sacrifice all his armies to achieve his throne. Not that Ted has any Napoleonic complexes as he was born on the left side of Canada and not the right French side so to speak.

What does the future of America look like. Kinda like the inside of Ted Cruz’s skull methinks.

Once proper PC Conservative science is perfected, two cloned halves of the perfect brain can be achieved to suit the current PC side of the Oligarch’s party that appears or happens to be in charge at any one time. Yeah right. 

Right Side of the Brain - Liberal?

Left Side of the Brain - Conservative?

A Perfect Balance?

And unacceptable future experiments that might escape the cage.

Gee. I have not been to MOMA in decades!

Love ya Ted. You are a natural showman. 

P.T. Barnum Lives!


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