Sunday, September 1, 2013

RIP David Frost - That Was The Week That Was

Was never a great fan of David Frost.  He never quite translated well from British culture but he was bright, a bit witty and ever a showman.

My earliest encounter with him or his talents were an American adaption NBC of the BBC show, That Was The Week That Was, that never quite translated beyond New York east coast style humor into the heartland in the 1964-1965 American TV season.

Above a video of his BBC show from the early sixties when he was in his twenties and below an auditory shard of the New York version of that show on Friday nights that only lasted a few months.

All they will be talking about today and tomorrow etc. will be his interviews with Tricky Dick Nixon. Boring stuff!

To this day I remember a skit on the American version of TW3 about some John Birchers protesting some politician and the straight man or newsman street interviewer delivers the question to veteran actress Doro Merande  “Why do you hate so and so?”

To which she replies. “We don’t hate him. We just want to hang him.” - in her typical deadpan high pitched Yankee nasal accent style of delivery.

BTW  (Cannot find a clip from Seven Year Itch when Doro Merande as a waitress in a health food café tells of the glories of nudism to actor Tom Ewell.) lol


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