Friday, September 27, 2013

John Boehner – Famous Tea Party Appeaser - Just Trying to Save His Job At Expense of Everybody and Everything Else

Famous Party Appeasers - Neville Chamberlain - John Boehner

Basically, Boehner is in a tough spot. (No, don't feel sorry for him. It's what he gets for being where he is.) He has to try to appeal to independents and moderates if he wants to maintain/maximize the GOP's electoral prospects for … which means compromising with Democrats on the budget, but he also has to try to appeal to the Tea Party wing of the GOP, a significant part of its right-wing base, if he wants to avoid a full-scale rebellion against his leadership (which could also harm the party's electoral prospects), which means refusing to compromise and allowing for, if not encouraging, a government shutdown…


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