Friday, August 9, 2013

Gov. McCrory Proud of Racist Indian Mascot of His Alma Mater Catawba College? Board of Trustees Member

I thought that the self-serving account of the Great Governor of North Carolina Pat McCrory in Wikipedia had no link in the body of text regarding his Alma Mater Catawba College.

So I thought that maybe there is no write up on Wiki so I did a further search on Google and found that yes, there is a Wiki write up on Catawba College.

Considering that McCrory has an honorary title from Catawba and is a current member of the Board of Trustees makes me wonder if there is something in the self-serving Wiki Tea Party misinformation, disinformation, omitted by link information, what is Pat McCrory hiding or Masking by default on Wikipedia?

Apparently there is a simmering, festering, on the back burner the issue, possible racist issue of the use of Indians as mascots for Catawba sport teams. 

That the NCAA has a two faced Janus ruling, not unlike their approval/disapproval policies with child abuse at Penn State, apparently Catawba can trash Indians and their heritage if they get some Indian Tribe official to $ign off on the racism.


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