Thursday, March 28, 2013

Crucifixion – Medallion – by Andro Meszaros

"Bronze medal 'Crucifixion', designed by Andro Meszaros and minted by Pinches, London, in 1947. 

This is the 11th medal of the Stations of the Cross by renowned medal sculptor Andor Meszaros.

Meszaros, a Hungarian immigrant, arrived in Australia in 1938. 
He found that Australia did not have a developed tradition in medallic art and in 1949 travelled to England to undertake sculpture and medallion work at Canterbury. 

Here his Stations of the Cross medal series, which he had been designing for seven years, was endorsed by the Bishop of the Cathedral and became known as the 'Canterbury Series'. 

It took Andor a further 20 years to complete the 14 medals of the series, which was available in both silver and bronze. 

Description (above): 

A bronze uniface medal (64 mm diameter) depicting Christ being nailed to the cross, three other figures in the field."


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