Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cardinal Rigali States Requirements of a Good Pope – Pot Calling Kettle Black?

Justin "Big Frank" Rigali - Philly Crime Boss (Retired)

Cardinal Regali is not under the rule of Archbishop Chaput the same way Cardinal Mahony in under the fat thumb of Archbishop Gomez in Los Angeles and being criticized for past performances. 

Mahony is being pulled through the mud in the Italian Press regarding his dirty bloody hands voting for a new Pope.
No such media mucking about for fellow retired reprobate Rigali. Both Mohony and Rigali are under 80 and as Cardinals are still eligible to vote.

No doubt Opus Dei wants to influence Mahony’s vote since OD Archbishop Gomez had not yet gotten his red hat.

Rigali will no doubt be selling his vote for a promotion for his portege Ambrose St. John Richard Stika to get out a shithole assignment of Knoxville Tennessee. 

Young Richard has yet to spend the money, build a new Bishop’s palace for his old boss now that he smells promotion in the air. Maybe even Chicago at this point. Anything is possible in papal elections.

The American Media is eating up the Cardinal Emeritus of Philadelphia’s fatherly advice on picking a new pope.  It is good to have your old protégé give you protection from mean old Charlie Chaput in the form of Bishop Stika of Knoxville Tennessee still planning and trying to fund a new Bishop’s palace for his old Philly crime boss Justin “Big Frank” Rigali (retired – yeah right).

Cardinal Rigali, in retirement and in shabby digs, when not in Rome, with his former Protégé Bishop Stika when not in Rome, from former glory days and exile in St Louis (wink, nod), states what the new Pope needs:





What? Nothing about Kids Justin????????????

“He is first of all, going to be the Bishop of Rome. He is going to be pastor of the Universal Church with all that entails, so just imagine the qualities that are needed.”

Among the qualities he listed are compassion, and “he has to have experience, he has to have understanding.”

Also, “the question of languages is not without consideration. Since the pope is pastor of the Universal Church he has to communicate with people. Pope Benedict certainly was very good at languages and Pope John Paul II was even more so; he had an extraordinary capacity to speak languages.”


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