Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Mexico – Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R) Would Criminalize Abortion after Rape as Tampering with Evidence – House Bill 206

Just when you thought Republicans could not get any dumber as they drag their knuckles around the public forum – meet state Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R) of New Mexico.

A Republican lawmaker in New Mexico introduced a bill on Wednesday that would legally require victims of rape to carry their pregnancies to term in order to use the fetus as evidence for a sexual assault trial. 

House Bill 206, introduced by state Rep. Cathrynn Brown (R), would charge a rape victim who ended her pregnancy with a third-degree felony for "tampering with evidence." 

“Tampering with evidence shall include procuring or facilitating an abortion, or compelling or coercing another to obtain an abortion, of a fetus that is the result of criminal sexual penetration or incest with the intent to destroy evidence of the crime," the bill says. 

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Dave said...

The epitome of ignorance! A disgrace to her own sex.