Thursday, January 31, 2013

British Catholic Temple Police Condemn Sandwich Chain “Pret a Manger” for Alleged Religious Insult over Tomato Flavored Potato Chip/Crisp - Nuts!

(This comes under the “Catholic Temple Police” and or “Religious Liberty” attempt to abuse or seize public power category kind of story.) 

No photo as yet available on the bag of crisps/chips, but Catholic Deacon Nick Donnelly over at Protect the Pope blog is steamed about the Pret a Manger (French: Ready to Eat) sandwich shop chain in London naming a new tomato flavored potato chip the “Virgin Mary Crisp”. LMAO


The Pret A Manger sandwich chain have decided to insult their Catholic customers by naming their new Worcestershire Sauce flavoured crisps, ‘Virgin Mary Crisps’

A reader of Protect the Pope wrote to Pret A Manger to complain, making the point that Pret A Manger would not dare to mock the Muslim or Jewish faiths so why have they seen fit to mock Christianity. Why they should make such an appalling, tasteless and offensive lapse of judgement.’

This is the reply from their CEO: 

‘It happens that I am a Catholic. I have examined my conscience about the naming of our crisps. The term Virgin Mary is widely used in the market today to describe a well known cocktail: a tomato juice with Worcester sauce and without vodka. I have consulted a lot of people in our office about this and that is what they all think of when they see our crisps packet. Please, please don’t take offence. None is intended.’


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