Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Benedict XVI defense in the Monsignor Lynn Philly kiddie rape trail – I was only following orders

Child Rape Experts and Crime Bosses "Big Tony" Bevilacqua of Philly  and "Big Bernie" Law of Boston

The long, typed letter fantasizes about a seventh-grader's body, and asks if the boy wants to try various sex acts. 
"You are soooo cute. I have been thinking about you for a long time. ... You're the cutest in our grade," the author wrote in a rare G-rated line. 
But the anonymous author was not a classmate at the boy's Catholic school in northeast Philadelphia. It was a parish priest. One with a cache of gay pornography and sadomasochistic videos in the rectory. 
Files show the letter-writing priest was sent to a church-run treatment center for priests, where staff concluded he did not have "a pathological interest in children or adults." Doctors racked the letter up to a single fantasy. And they believed him when he said he hadn't sent it — or acted out with children. 
"Cardinal Bevilacqua is granting him a health leave, and that should be the announcement to the (St. Anselm's) parish," reads a December 1995 memo, found in secret personnel files at the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 
The memo, along with the priest's letter, aired in court this week in a landmark criminal trial in Philadelphia. Accused is Monsignor William Lynn, the first U.S. church official charged with child endangerment for allegedly leaving predator-priests in ministry, and conspiring with others to cover up the festering problem. 
Prosecutors call the archdiocese of 1.5 million Catholics "an unindicted co-conspirator."

Like all mindless soldiers in a larger organization, Benedict XVI used to shoot Allied pilots out of the sky for his Leader; Monsignor Lynn was only following orders from religious crime boss Cardinal “Big Tony” Bevilacqua when he shuffled kiddie rapists/priests around the cesspool archdiocese of Philadelphia.

“I was only following orders.” Yeah Right.

Tell that to your victims Joe and Bill.