Thursday, August 2, 2012

Wendy's To Beat Chick-Fil-A In Franchising to Uganda

Chick-Fil-A is yet to break into the Bigtime diverse Chicago, Philly, NYC, Boston franchising arena.

Cardinal George of Chicago is rooting for Chick-Fil-A BTW as his choice for Catholic Values Fast Food.

Wendy's in Columbia SC, one of a 74 chain Wendy's subdivision operated by Jim Furman, Tarheel Capital, is rooting for the competition, as seen above, in serving unwholesome mechanically separated tortured chicken as opposed to good old A-merican Beef.

Rumor has it that Wendy's will beat Chick-Fil-A into the East African franchising market namely Uganda where Evangelical Christian fast food must bribe the local pols with cash and have a uniquely American version, of the Christianity Hate Brand seal of approval.


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Anonymous said...

I didn't know Dave Thomas was a hater. He worked his ass off to be successful and didn't look the type to blame God for his success.