Friday, May 25, 2012

Pope’s Butler - Vatileaks - Paolo Gabriele - another Vatican Cedric Tornay Scapegoat?

Growing corruption scandal in the Vatican Bank and all they can come up with is “the butler did it”, leaking info to the media.

Sounds like another Swiss Guard cover up – the Abu Ghraib defense, a bone thrown to the media blaming the low man on the totem pole of responsibility for crimes.

Vatican police have arrested Pope Benedict XVI's personal butler following an investigation into the leaking of sensitive church documents.

The butler, identified as Paolo Gabriele, 40, was held by gendarmes after a special commission of three top senior cardinals had been appointed by the Pope to identify the source of the leaks which have caused severe embarrassment….

The Pope was said to be “shocked and saddened” at the constant leaks and it led to him appointing the three cardinal commission and who worked with the Vatican gendarmes which lead to the arrest.

Sources said that sensitive Vatican documents had been recovered from father of three Gabriele’s home inside the Vatican, but some have questioned if Mr Gabriele was perhaps being made a scapegoat.

Paolo Rodari, an expert on Vatican affairs, said: “I know Gabriele. He is a nice guy but I don’t think he would be behind this. I think he may have been imprudent and taken the odd document home but he is not the main person.”

“If you ask me he has been made a scapegoat just to satisfy the media. The documents found at his house were from the Pope’s personal correspondence but a lot of the leaked documents have come from the Secretary of State’s office and he would not have had access to those.”

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Dave said...

Wow! Joe on a slippery slope to Pope oblivion. Are any of the Borgia's available?