Thursday, April 12, 2012

USCCB’s Ideal Thomas More, Heretic Burner, Book Burner, Patron Saint of "Religious Liberty"

Convicted of Corruption

Bishop Lori in conjunction with his top man, USCCB President Timothy Dolan, is issuing some sort of Catholic Fatwa against President Obama, the legally elected Chief Executive of the United States. 

Starting June 21 to July 4th they will be building bonfires and preaching hate toward Obama as part of some sort of Pagan Catholic religious festival dedicated to "religious liberty" fashioned in the image of “Saint” Thomas More who in his day burned Lutherans and Books for good King Henry VIII, Founder of the Church of England. 

After he got caught stealing from the treasury, Thomas More suddenly got religion, RC religion that is, against his lawful king and got his head chopped off for corruption in high office.  

One has to wonder if one day we will take examples of traitors and corrupt Church Officials, and re-enact in some hoped for future morality plays their criminal trials and convictions, exampled by corrupt traitor Church Ladies types presently with us like Lori and Dolan - a third rate USCCB Vaudeville Act?



Dave said...

Mike..the Baigent book I'm reading is a real education on RC history..I'm astounded by the sheer brutality of the Catholic church regime. Do you have anything to add to the Cathar's story. The Dominican order wiped them off the face of the earth..literally. Savage stuff.

M.McShea said...

The RC church can wait centuries to wipe out heresy like the Cathars. It is now time I fear for the RC church to deal heavyhandedly with this experimental democracy thing in the west and return to the good safe old Dark Ages.

M.McShea said...

The Dominicans, the Jesuits, Opus Dei, the current thugs, all make their mark, do their dirty work and then fade away and count the gelt in post-combat leisure phases. Has nothing to do with Jesus or his teachings.