Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mosque / Resort Planned for Manhattan

I am getting mixed signals in the news about talk of a new high rise, 13 story mosque and spa to go up within two city blocks of the World Trade Center on Park Place in Manhattan. Park Place in that area is a mix of seedy old 19th century loft buildings and rising office spires and luxury apartment buildings.

New York's fury at plans for Ground Zero mosque

It (the property) formerly housed a Burlington Coat Factory store. The store's two selling floors were destroyed when the landing gear from one of the planes tore through them during the attacks.

Construction is due to begin on September 11 next year – the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attack.

A massive rally protesting the plans has been scheduled for June 6 as anger grows.

Rosemary Cain, whose fireman son was killed, said: ‘I think it’s despicable. That’s sacred ground. It’s a slap in the face.

'How could anybody give them permission to build a mosque there?’

Bill Doyle, whose son was also among the 3,000 victims, said: ‘What I’m frightened about is that it’s almost going to be another protest zone – a meeting place for radicals.’

There is a need for a mosque in the downtown Manhattan area for many foreign born vendors and taxi drivers especially for a Friday service. There has in the past few years been a place for Islamic worship in an old loft building at 20 Murray Street where they lost their lease in 2008. Prices go up. Perhaps $20 million dollars worth of luxury lofts now occupy that building in a tight market split between gentrification and the slow comeback of office space and the new rising World Trade Center.

That mosque, Masjid Mosque, in now in smaller quarters at 12 Warren St. Plans to move one block south from Warren Street to Park Place seems to be crossing a line in the sand. It seems to be affront to the families and citizens of New York who are still very sensitive to the 911 attack by so-called Muslims in Jihad not against Christianity but the Secular West that Islam cannot separate in their view or mindset about America.

Nobody has disturbed private Muslim services held three blocks from Ground Zero these past few years. But when you want to do a tax free non-profit publicity stunt to insult New Yorkers in order raise Saudi blood money for a good Manhattan investment, the Masjid Mosque seems to have worn out its welcome in the formerly tolerate neighborhood.

Plans for a mosque at the old Burlington Coat Factory outlet were approved in December 2009 by the 12 member finance committee of the local Community Board. A full vote by the full 40 members of that Community Board is set for May 25 and the current controversy stems partly from that.

The heart of this controversy lies with the money. It is one thing to occupy a plain mosque within two blocks of the WTC and used by local New York Muslims. It is quite another thing to start raising money for a full blown bells and whistles Mosque and Spa for foreign Muslim tourists along with likely private luxury condo apartments for visiting Saudi Princes.  This  is what really pisses New Yorkers off!

Ground Zero is not Disney Land!  It is hallowed American ground.  Even if our country is mortgaged to these Muslim oil warlords, we have not all sold our souls to them yet.

In terms of official real e$tate maps, Warren Street lies in TriBeCa (Triangle Below Canal) and Park Place is in the Financial District. Good investment territory, hallowed WTC ground be damned.

There is a question according to FOX News if the Masjid Mosque does in fact hold title to the property in question now causing so much controvery.

Muslims in NYC Planning to Build Second, Smaller Mosque Near Ground Zero

As controversy surrounds the construction of a 13-story mosque just two blocks from Ground Zero, FOX News has learned that an effort to place a second mosque close to the hallowed site in New York City is in its advanced stages.
The Masjid Mosque has raised $8.5 million and is seeking an additional $2.5 million to begin construction. While it apparently has not settled on a final location, it has told donors it plans to build very close to where 3,000 people were killed in the September 11 terror attacks.

In fact, the website appealing for donations boldly states that it plans to “build the 'House of Allah' next to the World Trade Center. Help us raise the flag of 'LA ILLAH ILLA ALLAH' in downtown Manhattan."

One source said he believed the planners are considering a five-story building on 23 Park Place, closer to Ground Zero than the 13-story mosque the Cordoba Initiative is planning to build. But a tax record search shows that 23 Park Place is in private hands and has not changed owners since 2008.
Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf sounds more like a promoter, P.T. Barnum type than a religious cleric in his money raising tactics for a thirteen story mega mosque, spa and private luxury condos for visiting Saudi Princes in Downtown Manhattan.

I do not think any New York Unions will touch, build, this PR failure, insult to New Yorkers from this Investor Cleric from Malaysia.

So it goes.


Dave said...

I didn't know about the spa/condo piece of this situation in the making. Thing is..we take Saudi money all the time and their human rights policies are horrendous. Where do we draw the line? They own the banks and Wall St. as it is! Is a piece of ground really sacred when they have bought and sold us a million times over already.

Mike McShea said...

If they want to put a mosque across the street from WTC - does not bother me - but I have seen how absolutely corrupt Real Estate is in NYC. Thirteen floors - that's an awful lot gym above the store - slicing pieces of any property in Manhattan into luxury condos is part of the equation.

I don't take money from Saudis - and they still have not publicly apologized for 911. Damn if I want them pissing off their private hotel/mosque onto me, we, us, in the shadow of the WTC.

Put a McDonald's across from the Kahba in Mecca - religion is one thing - hypocrisy another. God does not speak Arabic!!! At least not in New York City.

Dave said...

I see and feel the emotional part of this and we need to always remember what happened on that day in American history. Ten years down the road and the struggle between greed/real estate and respect for the dead continues. Is there a common ground point of agreement that can be reached? We have to realize that men did this terrible thing..not the religon.

Mike McShea said...

Having lived here in NYC on 911 and having come uncomfortably close to "Man's inhumanity to man", I took the hype in the local papers too personally regarding this RE deal which is all it should be. I have just amended the title of this to remove the word "Jihad". This RE deal, in some circles, is becoming a focus of hate. That was not my intention in my writing. Forigve me for blowing off some post 911 steam.

Anonymous said...