Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tea-Vangelist Rick Perry – Accidental Candidate

In the true spirit of Texas exceptionalism, Republican Christian Texas Governor Rick Perry prayed for Texas Christians yesterday in a quarter filled stadium at a white Christians only welcome event.  (So openly out of the closet the GOP these days – don’t you think - their idea of exceptional brotherhood.)

He prayed for Texans and their miseries, no doubt caused by an incompetent in power since 2000 when as Lieutenant Governor under George W. Bush, he became governor by default.  No doubt one of these decades, he will find a way to fix Texas, as governor, when all his prayers are answered. 

Having become the accidental governor of Texas, he is no doubt praying he can become the accidental GOP candidate for president.  And eventually become accidental president.  That’s gonna take a hell of a lot of praying, no pun intended.

Best of luck Rick.

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D M Mulvihill said...

I also think Jesus is way to radical for my taste. That reporter was a little mean but I loved that comment. More people should point that out. Hey, I like charity and helping out the poor, but I'm just not willing to give up all may possessions and live off the generosity of churches. Was that man crazy?