Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pope Benedict III – Papal Testicle Testing Chair – Pope Joan the First, a woman

What?  This is history.  Urban Legend – Rome – based on fact?  Over a thousand years old.
There is very little known about the reign of Pope Benedict III except that clerics were generally satisfied with his testicles. Upon his coronation in 855 AD God’s chosen messenger on Earth sat in a special chair resembling an ancient commode while the Holy See checked to make sure that the papacy was indeed infallible… 
Two reliable clerics touched his testicles; witnesses who presented legal evidence of his maleness…At this the priest and the people responded, “Deo gratius” [Thanks be to God]

They keep denying that there ever was a female Pope in the RC Church.  The above device was used for centuries to make certain that all popes had the right stuff, but only after Pope Joan the First’s brief reign in the ninth century C.E..

I finally got to see the flick Pope Joan about the first woman pope circa 850 C.E..

They were showing it on the Reelz cable channel.  I liked the historic sets and costumes especially around the old St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome.  Script was a bit disappointing and considering the subject matter, it was a good period piece and not a so-called chick flick.

Joan is the daughter of an abusive priest (yes, they did marry back then) and a loving caring mother who points her daughter in the direction of an education in Latin and such and that leads the heroine all the way to the Chair of Peter in Rome with much grit along the way.  

John Goodman (he stole the show) is her mentor good pope before they poison, John Paul One him, get him out of the picture for fun, power and profit.

Pope Joan film sparks Roman Catholic Church row

Pope Joan I – First Woman Pope


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