Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pope Joan I - First Woman Pope

I love myth and legends. It would appear that there are more references in the Vatican archives to Popes ordering the removal of all references to a female pope than there is any chance of seeing the destroyed documentation – not unlike the gospels and the stuff conveniently lost through the centuries. There is no hard core proof of Pope Joan I, circa 875 C.E., like there is no hard core, saved from the beginning, proof for the existence of Jesus.

The legend is a street fact. In fact there is a street next to the Coliseum that no papal motorcade is allowed to venture down. It is avoided and has been avoided for a thousand years by all popes and all official church processions. It is the street where Pope Joan I gave birth in procession and surrendered her sexual identity as the legitimately elected Bishop of Rome.

It is ashamed that in the dumbing down of America through the eight year lobotomy under Bush Cheney and with corporations controlling the newspapers, media and the movie theatres, few got to see this recent German movie about the life of Pope Joan.

(once you click start, click on screen to expand image)

Food for thought.

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Dave said...

A woman Pope? Unheard of..preposterous! So much for the lineage of Peter argument! Amazing story..never heard this one..thanks for the heads up!