Sunday, November 13, 2011

Satan – Catholic League – USCCB – 1%

What is becoming obvious to me in the Occupy movement is that the top of the Ivory Tower, the Executive Suites, the Front Office, 
the 1% is totally corrupt and out of control – Out of Touch with my definition of reality. 

This is no different with the RC Hierarchy who have Satanic media spokesmen 
like Bill Donohue mouthing plastic morality 
while the Bishops prefer and protect child trafficking at all costs – emphasis on the word costs?

Just like the firing of Joe Parterno, who is no saint, 
to muddy the waters about a national child trafficking ring run by the mafia out of Penn State is not newsworthy. 
Lame Stream Media talks sports, sports, sports …

The real news is that the great immorality is gay marriage? 
(I don’t think so sista.)

The Mormons may give up Polygamy the same way the USCCB officially gives up Pedophilia – yeah right – 

but the people pushing morality as a media product, from the top of society’s shit heap, are the least moral creatures in the western culture these days - they are jus
Faking IT!

They are Satan – they are the 1%.

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M.McShea said...

I is ill-lit-A-rate according to those who are paid to know. Perhaps Joe's secret name in a secret paternal organization is spelled that way. Just to say. Wink-nod.