Sunday, October 3, 2010

Repurpose, Emerging, Christ

The word “repurpose” came up on TV as a substitute for the word recycle and reuse. I heard the word and thought of the emerging church movement that wants to adapt to a post modern way of doing things in worship.

The word repurpose touches something in me that says that maybe the emerging church movement should step back and look at the original purpose of Jesus and his gospels and look less at institution(s) that have in fact emerged around Jesus and his message over the centuries.

Indidvidually, people should decide what is needed in their hearts in response to the message of Jesus. Then institutions should recycle tradition around repurpose together with the individual and grow into the next centuries long phase of the Christian Spirit and Church.


Dave said...

Went to a Bart Ehrman conference at the local seminary on Friday. The guy is amazing with his knowledge of the New Testament. Saw him on the History channel also as an expert in gnostic books and letters and the forgeries in the Bible. Great book next year on the way. Highly acclaimed and I was impressed.

Mike McShea said...

there certainly seems to be a lot of people out there that want early Christianity re-examined to see if anything got lost along the way.