Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tyranny of Chance - opposite of Intelligent Design

Tyranny of Chance is the opposite of the half-assed concept called Intelligent Design.

Tyranny of Chance is my intelligent free will human response to ID.

The universe is either a controlled, managed stage set with scripts as in ID or it is the randomness and tyranny of possibilities.

Life is static or it is fluid. It is all a question of energy.

I am reminded of the story about how Charles and Diana, Prince and Princess of Wales, were onto the concept of reincarnation as a matter explaining their rank and good fortune. Like how could so wonderful a dual be blessed with so much wealth and power unless they deserved it from another life and it was just a formality to carry it all from one soul incarnation to another.

Sounds rather intelligent, Eaton, Oxford, and all that from their point of view. Don't you think? You don't think. That's the whole point. You are not Intelligently Designed or that well made on your level and as an offset of that, you are not sanctioned by God to rule over others? Yeah right.

The rest of us get the leftovers in life, this life. We have not tried hard enough to be as good or as lucky or as full of grace as Charles and Diana. Or so it goes.

Am I mixing apples and oranges mixing the odds of being born royal and throwing in ideas like reincarnation and the unfairness in life in general to the majority of us?  Perhaps.

This present top down culture where elites rule in politics or elites invent Intelligent Design to justify their ungodly paychecks and perks is a culture that needs some re-examination on a macro and micro level in this modern age.

Were Charles and Diana destined to have been born into such pomp and luxury or was it merely the tyranny of chance? Only one bum gets to sit on the royal throne so to speak. The rest of us I suppose are shit out of luck - sounds like tyranny to me.

The universe is pure chance. It is also a tyranny of chance by our intelligent evaluation of it. Any intelligence in any equation of the forms and energies of the universe is purely human and not “divine”. The Creator remains the creator and that creation is in motion to any, all and other points in history. Whether the Creator is intelligent, I cannot say, not having ever yet met that entity.

Otherwise, they, Charles and Diana, have had God’s imprimatur stamped in red ink on their shiny white heinies in this and every succeeding lifetime. The rest of us I guess just lose out in such a random equation of such things.

Just a thought.