Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Day - USA - 2010

Memorial Day is a local personal thing.  Local communal picnics follow small Main Street parades that visit memorials to the dead fallen in wars.  We acknowledge too what the living have given in service to their country. 

If our friend above playing Taps is not in full regalia or uniform, it is in the spirit of the day. Sacred rememberance and secular pride and muted celebration in backyard barbeques blends into the change of season into official Summer - reminding all of the cycles of life.

The dead in war are remembered and the we share this day with them in the joyful spirit of living.

Sacrifice for country honored - gone but not forgotten.

Memorial Day - USA - 2009


Dave said...

Saw the movie..Taking Chance..on HBO yesterday. Kevin Bacon escorts a dead soldier home across country. We get to see the war in a very different light from the moment this young man leaves Iraq in a body bag and how he is treated with the utmost respect and dignity. I suggest any and all watch it and dare you to not be brought to tears. We ask so much of our children..let's declare victory and bring them all home.

Mike McShea said...

"Who more than self their country loved..."

It was a very touching film.

Global peace is long overdue.